“If you are considering an AP*rn star…”

KRK slams Sunny Leone, claiming she still sells P*rn videos and inspires girls like Uorfi Javed and Nia Sharma (photo credit – Instagram)

Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK is known for bashing Bollywood actors and criticizing movies for all sorts of reasons. As such, he has been trolled by audiences as well. From time to time, KRK uses his Twitter handle to share his opinion on all topics. For the ignorant, the last few days he has been blaming his Pathaan on his SRK.

Well, the self-proclaimed critic attacked Sunny Leone for this reason while defending Uorfi Javed and Nia Sharma. Read below for more information.

There was an ongoing fiasco regarding Wolfie Javed And Nia Sharma’s fashion choices. Now, KRK is using his Twitter handle to defend the TV star while simultaneously accusing Bollywood actress Sunny Leone of encouraging these girls to wear skimpy clothing.

KRK’s tweet can be read as follows: If you consider ap*rn stars (who also sell p*rn films 2day) to be good girls, don’t be a hypocrite to criticize Indian Girls.

As soon as KRK’s tweet hit the internet, netizens agreed with the critics. One of them wrote in his tweet, “They are abusing urfi. Javed are the same people as p*rn addicts,” while another wrote, “The starting point hi galat hy aaj ki civilization ka, to har cheez agey ulti hogi hi. Same person he shouldn’t make trouble with urfi or nia. Another comment can be read as “Ye to kuch bhi nahi hai, Sherlyn aur Poonam Aunty, aur na jaane kitne Onlyfans par kama rahe hain.”

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