If This ‘Modern Warfare II’ Menu Glitch Means Anything, A Warzone 2 Beta Could Be Done Soon

i’ve been through a lot Modern Warfare II Beta version is now available for PC. I’ve noticed some definite improvements over last weekend’s beta, especially in terms of visibility, but I’ll save my impressions for another post.

For now, I’d like to talk about one of the strange glitches I ran into yesterday. This is one of the many bugs, glitches and game crashes that have plagued our play sessions. My game crashed many times on PC, but his two squads on Xbox Series X his mate also faced crashes, party kicks and other oddities.

More on all this and the infuriating menu/UI later. The strangest bug of them all so far.

My brother took this screenshot when he quit the game because the game crashed. I was playing Prisoner Rescue (which is a great mode) and for some reason when I finished the match I got this:

BR Trio? Next?Obviously this is not part of the current Modern Warfare II It’s in beta, but it’s built into the code. You can see that the squad size is 3, the maximum number of players in a match is 102, and the “big maps” are all under the NEXT BR TRIOS header. Underneath it says loot and kill. The last team standing wins.

This is clearly the intended screen Warzone 2.0 But the big question is whether this is an indicator. Warzone 2.0 Get your own beta or Modern Warfare II Beta this weekend. Please contact Activision for more information. I will report back if I have any information.

for now . . . at least it looks like we might be getting something Warzone 2.0 beta. Again, it’s possible that part of the full game somehow slipped into beta and randomly popped up as one of many glitches.

What do you think of the betas so far? Other than the terrible menu, we are having a pretty good time.tell me your thoughts about twitter Also Facebook.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2022/09/23/is-this-modern-warfare-2-menu-glitch-teasing-a-warzone-2-beta/ If This ‘Modern Warfare II’ Menu Glitch Means Anything, A Warzone 2 Beta Could Be Done Soon

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