ICYMI: Autobiography by Angela Davis, Dance by John Amos, Elementary HBCU, etc.

Halloween weekend is finally here! Break candy and horror movies! While this is the first time many have returned to regularly scheduled festivities since the pandemic, ESSENCE hopes everyone stays safe and mindful of all the respiratory viruses that thrive at this time of year. I’m here. RSV Overwhelming pediatric hospitals nationwide. Words like ‘triple demic’ are scary and I don’t think there is another lockdown among us.

Enjoy this weekend as voting will begin once November begins!

So if you’ve put together a costume last minute this week, here’s some news you may have missed.

1. Damn damn

ICYMI: Autobiography by Angela Davis, Dance by John Amos, Elementary HBCU, etc.
NEW YORK, NY – MAY 17: John Amos at the “Showing Roots” New York Screening SVA Theater on May 17, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage)

there is a reason good times Star John Amos is revered as one of America’s favorite TV show dads. Good dad!

In a video that has over a million views, Amos’ daughter Shannon shared a heartwarming moment with her new #dancewithmyfatherchallenge.

She captioned the video. I am so grateful for this moment with her dad @officialjohnamos. “

Shannon asked, “Will you do this dance for me?” Shannon, 82, responded. The two climbed off the porch and swayed to Luther Vandross’ “Dance With My Father” in the front yard. Between Luther’s sweet melodies and precious daddy-daughter moments, you’re sure to get a little dizzy.

The article follows the video.

2. British actress dies behind the scenes

The Nottingham Playhouse has announced that Josephine Melville died Thursday, according to the BBC. nine nightsShe was 61 years old.

According to the theater, she fell ill after the performance and was treated by paramedics and medically qualified audience members, but died at the scene.

A cause of death was not immediately announced.

Melville was best known for the long-established soaps in England. EastEndersIn 1986, she played Tessa Parker, a college friend of Kelvin Carpenter and Harry Reynolds. She appeared in her eight episodes. In 2005, she reappeared on her BBC’s Soaps as another character, Ellie Wright.

Just last year, the Essex-born performer produced Know Your Roots, a project celebrating and preserving the history of black women’s hair stories in Britain.

“‘Know Your Roots’ is important to me because it’s still going on in how black women style their hair, how they hold their hair, how they feel comfortable in it, but it’s really going to be featured. Because it never happened,” she told the BBC in 2021.

All remaining performances nine nineThe t at the venue has been cancelled.

3. A child suffered severe burns while staying out, but 911 was not called.

An Arkansas family wants answers and accountability after their son suffered severe burns while away from home.

According to WKRC, 8-year-old Jayceon Charles was grilling hot dogs during a sleepover at a friend’s house when something exploded in the fire. Jason was burned. According to Jayceon’s parents, his son called from his friend’s house and hung up. When his father called back, he heard Jaytheon screaming.

When her parents arrived, they found her covered in petroleum jelly and plastic wrap, with severe burns. Now they wonder why there was no 911 call for her.

“The stories that have been told didn’t suit me from the beginning,” Jaytheon’s grandfather told the news agency. “Why did so many people drop the ball and show no concern?” I didn’t understand why.”

In the end, the parents took their son to the hospital. The child had severe burns on 80% of his body and was suffering from kidney failure, sepsis and brain damage. He was put on a respirator and had to be resuscitated twice. After multiple surgeries, doctors had to remove him five inches of his small intestine.

It’s been two months since the incident, but Jaytheon’s family believes what happened to him was no “freak” accident. The family claims investigators rarely reach out to witnesses for interviews or medical reports.

Jaytheon’s father told news outlets that authorities did not prioritize the investigation because Jaytheon is black and the family he was staying with is white.
family set up go fund me Covered my child’s medical bills and has met their goals ever since. “Our prayers are that Jaytheon will make a full recovery and come back bigger and healthier than before,” the page reads. “All donations are truly appreciated.”

4. Black Panther’s autobiography re-release

ICYMI: Autobiography by Angela Davis, Dance by John Amos, Elementary HBCU, etc.

On October 26th, the Brooklyn Academy of Music An Evening with Angela Y. Davis.

Jointly announced by BAM and Greenlight Bookstore, An Evening with Angela Y. Davispresents Davis in a conversation in the new edition of her classic with award-winning scholar and intellectual Kianga Yamatta Taylor autobiography.

“At a time when so many people are collectively demanding radical change and seeking a deeper understanding of past social movements, I am thrilled to announce the publication of this new edition of this autobiography by Haymarket Books. ‘ said in a press release.

The 78-year-old explores her political activism with the Communist Party of the United States, the Black Panther Party, and the Soledad Brothers. She also describes her transition from the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list to her UCLA faculty.

Tickets go on sale November 3 at BAM.org.

5. Brown Bear House

Just as HBCU alumni returned to work from homecoming week, Florida’s first HBCU-inspired elementary school classes were taking place.

Located in Jacksonville, Become a university academy is a tuition-free college preparatory and public charter school that prepares all students from kindergarten through fifth grade for success in college and life.

Cameron Frazier, founder and executive director of Becoming Collegiate Academy, told BLACK ENTERPRISE that part of the mission of the innovative school is to reach out to students from communities of color and provide an education that reflects them. He said that he would provide

According to Local News, “It’s very important for students to see role models that look just like them every day,” Frazier said. His HBCU flag adorns the entrance, but students can also see themselves on her ABC display in the classroom. For example, “A” is “Alcorn State University” and “Z” is “Zora Neale Hurston”.

Frazier was also careful about who was teaching the children. Black men reportedly make up only 2% of the country’s teachers. It’s half at the cram school.

Currently, the school has 80 students, consisting of kindergarteners and first graders. Becoming Collegiate Aamedy continues to recruit educators and continues to accept student applications as it plans to add classes each year to complete the primary grade.

6. White House Announces Update on New Virus Initiative and COVID Vaccine

ICYMI: Autobiography by Angela Davis, Dance by John Amos, Elementary HBCU, etc.
WASHINGTON DC – OCTOBER 25: US President Joe Biden receives the latest COVID-19 booster at the South Court Auditorium on the White House Campus in Washington DC on October 25, 2022. Biden has spoken out on the Covid-19 situation in the United States. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden received the latest COVID-19 vaccine and called on Americans to follow suit ahead of the winter and holiday seasons.

“We are here with a simple message: Get vaccinated and update your COVID vaccine,” Biden said. “It’s incredibly effective, but not enough people are actually getting it. We have to change that so we can have a safe and healthy holiday season.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 4.5 million Americans have received the updated vaccine in the past week. This is the largest weekly increase since the start of the fall vaccination program and an increase of approximately 40% from the previous week.

As of October 24, the CDC has updated its recommendations for some people. If he is 5 years of age or older and it has been more than 2 months since her last COVID-19 vaccine, he will receive one renewed (bivalent) booster.

Recommendations for COVID-19 differ for moderately or severely immunocompromised patients. CDC too is not Mixing vaccines for primary series doses is recommended. In other words, if you receive Moderna in your first shot, your second shot should also be Moderna.

Editor’s Note: As a former pharmacy technician who spent most of 2021 at Walgreens running PCR and Rapid COVID tests and administering Pfizer vaccines: Check the CDC site for updates. If you’re still confused, call your provider for clarification. To avoid delays, schedule an appointment with your local pharmacy well in advance—even if CVS or Walgreens advertises that walk-ins are welcome, a scheduled appointment is the only way to guarantee a vaccine.

https://www.essence.com/news/icymi-angela-davis-john-amos-vaccines-etc/ ICYMI: Autobiography by Angela Davis, Dance by John Amos, Elementary HBCU, etc.

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