“I will try not to speak ill of you.”

Brett Goldstein in his Emmy acceptance speech: I’ll try not to swear (Photo credit – Instagram)

Actor Brett Goldstein, who won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the 74th annual Emmy Awards for the second year in a row, said in his acceptance speech that he wouldn’t swear.

Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent in the Apple TV+ football comedy, took the stage and vowed not to swear in his acceptance speech like he did last year.

Brett Goldstein said his speech wasn’t broadcast in the UK because he cursed, and his parents didn’t see it.

“I try not to swear,” added Brett Goldstein.

“Thank you Academy and Apple. Thank you Jason and Phil and Brendan and your special boy Joe Kelly for creating this magical thing and giving me a part of it. .”

“I never took it for granted. Don’t ruin it by saying, ‘God, you’ll be fine.

“I was told not to swear,” continued Brett Goldstein.

“My family never heard me say thank you for this second chance. I’m sorry. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.”

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards will be hosted by Keenan Thompson and aired on Lionsgate Play, India.

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https://www.koimoi.com/hollywood-news/ted-lasso-star-brett-goldstein-on-bagging-emmy-award-im-going-to-try-not-to-swear/ “I will try not to speak ill of you.”

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