“I left a lot of things to the imagination, making room for spontaneity” – Entertainment News, Firstpost

“Naina required me to be so detailed, but it’s usually part of my homework for any role. I look at the script over and over again, and I have a habit of taking notes, ”says Yami Gautham.

Yami Gautam in the frame from Thursday

Yami Gautam surprised everyone in the role of the amazing drama star tick-tock Pari Mishri in the 2019 issue Bala; her character turned out to be the highlight of the film. The film was an important turning point in Gautam’s career. The actress has struggled for years and often complained that she was recognized as just a beautiful person in the industry. Gautham, who navigated Bollywood on her own terms, now seems to have found a solid foothold with a host of interesting characters. In its latest issue, A ThursdayThe thriller, which premiered at Disney + Hotstar on February 17, plays Gautham as kindergarten teacher Naina Jaiswal, who takes children hostage in a sudden turn, and the drama unfolds when between Gautam’s character and the policemen played by Atul Kulkarni and Neha Dhupia begin negotiations.

“This is the story of a Thursday … Naina is a kindergarten teacher, she is from an ordinary middle-class family, and this is what she does that day, but why, how and what is happening? I immediately accepted the challenge. But when I finished reading the script, it took me a minute to absorb. Finally I said I’ll do it, let’s figure out how to do it and I want to do it. Just as the audience waits for the tension to break out, so I waited to find out what it was like to read the script, ”says Gautam, excited by the complexity and nuances of her character. “We work with people, with colleagues, we meet people in everyday life, but you never know anyone enough. It may seem like they are from a good family, but you never know who the person really is, ”she said, referring to the sudden change in the behavior of her character Naina Jaiswal.

While there may be many landmarks and many hostage dramas and thrillers that could help her prepare for the role, Gautham says she has decided to bring “something of her own”. “I didn’t watch any film specifically to prepare for the role. I used to watch thrillers, but they are all different categories. With each story you get different thrills. The girl disappeared also a thriller, there is Sevena psychological crime thriller, then for me a movie like The Joker it is a psychological drama or thriller. I didn’t watch any particular film and so left a lot to the imagination based on what I read, based on what Naina is going through. I kept Yami aside, leaving aside my opinion. This is a parallel person in your mind, and that’s what history and situation are, and now just go..that was my approach. I didn’t want to overdo it. Simple lines that can be said with maximum intensity, the idea is to be true to the moment and say it the way you say it, the way we say it in our daily lives … it takes a lot of practice, a lot of mental and emotional training, ”she says.

Yami Gautham about the role of a kindergarten teacher on Thursday, I left a lot of things to the imagination, making room for spontaneity

Gautham further: “Naina required me to be so detailed, but it’s usually part of my homework for any role. I review the script over and over again and I have a habit of taking notes. I like to visualize my character before my eyes before I get on set. I know to become such a character, so she will speak, this is not the word she will say, so there must be a pause, such must be the expression of the eyes … most of the things I like to imagine in advance. As much as I thought about my character, I also wanted to leave room for spontaneity. ”

Although after reading the script Gautham experienced a lot of emotions, she was absolutely sure that she would do it if she was convinced of the honesty and conviction of the director in this topic. “After reading the script, I called Behzad (Hambata, director). I asked him the idea of ​​the story and what the film meant to him. I really wanted to know. Why do you think this story needs to be told? I felt him speak with his heart. He really believes in film. He doesn’t just want to be part of a trend. He wanted to tell the story with complete conviction. He had great clarity regarding the technical processing, which is one of the most important aspects of the film. One part of the film is created, the geography of which will not change. This is another world outside. And then we filmed with the kids. If you don’t have a principal who is patient with children, it’s impossible to do. You have to be a kid and get on your knees to be able to communicate with them, and then we filmed during the pandemic where we had to break in. Behzad is a decision-oriented director. He managed everything without compromise, ”Gautam says.

As for her own experience in filming with children, Gautham says she was aware that she didn’t want to get to know them too much so that they would take her seriously. “There were times when I wanted to communicate more with children, but I couldn’t because I had to keep going into tense scenes. I also wanted this wall between us. But I noted that when I’m sitting in a certain chair, it means you can come and tell me a story, tell me how you feel. We didn’t want them to feel the pressure of intensity and what kind of film we were shooting. They need to feel happy and excited. I was treated like Nain’s teacher. By the end I knew almost everything about everyone. I knew their stories about poop, their stomach problems, I had to do fake makeup for someone every day … (laughs), ”Gautam says.

Gautama has a complete diary as she has several films, she plays a crime reporter in Anirudda’s film Roy Chowdhury Lost (along with Pankaj Kapoor, Rahul Hanna), IPS staff member Dasvi (played by Abhishek Bachchan and Nimrat Kaur) as well as a crucial role in OMG 2 with Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripati. “In my own way, I can contribute to new cinema or good cinema. All these films are about something else. I made every effort to have whatever character I played, I was faithful. As busy as you are, do you have time to prepare or not because of a busy schedule … well, that’s my job. You shouldn’t feel like she didn’t put any work into the character. Most importantly, I don’t have to feel like an actor that has done enough for this role. I’m glad that last year became part of some of the most diverse genres. I hope that when these films start to be released, you will learn more about what I am talking about, ”Gautam said. “Everything has changed since then Bala. Bala gave me a completely different canvas. Success in Bala and Couples gave me a completely different voice to express my choices and what I want to do as an actor, and that’s why it was such an important turning point in my life, ”she adds.

Gautham married her Uri: Surgical strike directed by Aditya Dhar last June. Talking about her life after marriage, she signs, saying, “I still feel like a new bride. Since then, Aditya and I have only been working. But it’s a nice change. This is a change when your family has increased, you get a home in Mumbai where you return home to your family. It’s the best feeling in the world when you share your life with someone who shares the same ethics, values, love and respect that you think should be in the family. “

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“I left a lot of things to the imagination, making room for spontaneity” – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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