I Know You Love These Secrets About OG Gossip Girl

gossip girl Casting Director David Rapaport gossip girl Pilot stars in spin-off centered around Serena’s mother, Lily Van Der Woodsen Brittany Snow When Krysten Ritter. Dakota Johnson come in Rooney Maraand many other women who are big names now but didn’t have that stature at the time,” he recalled of the casting process.

He told host Jessica Szohr, “And do you know who read it best? I consider you a friend, so I’ll tell you. Nina Dobrev, it was one of the best auditions I’ve ever seen, especially for that role. ”

David said he called the network and said, “She’s a superstar.”As he recalled years later on a podcast, “She doesn’t look like Kelly Rutherford, she was supposed to be a young Kelly Rutherford so I don’t know how to cast her but she needs to be on your radar and you guys need to find something for her “I remember thinking about this girl years later and thinking, ‘Oh my God, I missed that opportunity.’ She was so wonderful! ”

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