“I don’t think this is a true crime documentary at all” – Director Tommy Avalon on Bernie the Dinosaur Doc “I love you, you hate me”

“I Love You, You Hate Me,” a documentary series about the history of those who bashed children’s catnip in the ’90s, has a “criminal element” to Bernie the Dinosaur, according to Bernie’s documentary director. Tommy Avalon says, but hopes viewers will. Deeper.

“It’s a buzzy word and something you can put in a buzzybox, right? People love true crime,” says Avalon of the series. To do – On point – delves into content that is more annoying than fictional dinosaur-hating viewers. “But we’re different now, and I think it’s a little more nuanced than that. You spend maybe 15 minutes out of a two-hour series, right?”


The series actually offers a larger exploration, combining the era of the ironic Generation X zeitgeist with the story of a teacher-turned-purple-dinosaur mogul and a family of fans all over the world who followed. . That said, blending Bernie’s happy-go-lucky perspective with a society in which viewing tastes exploded at the time, jerry springer show Being in the spotlight gives you the makings of good nostalgic TV.

But if you ask Avalon exactly why I Love You, You Hate Me We could point to a few examples of literal pseudo-lynching of puffy fictional creatures, and Avallone is quick to point out his two-part series, which premieres in Peacock this week.

“I had a whiteboard list of different reasons. I mean, I don’t think there’s one reason why people hate Bernie. I think it hit different kinds of people.”

But was it a soft purple costume? perhaps. According to the documentary, some people were upset that a T-Rex had assigned a sexuality to the dinosaur and made it “cute” by removing its claws. Was it never-ending happy music? perhaps. In the documentary, the show’s pianist plays the song lovingly, but then also backs off. Was it a family scandal that erupted after an argument with son Patrick Leach?s neighbor in the chest.

From the actor who originally played Barney, to Science Guy Bill Nighy and Al Roker, to Springer producer Burt DuBrow, and the Leach family’s babysitter, everyone has been consulted and much has been done on the Avalon series. In fact, the director did a great many interviews in the can – almost 50 – many of them from people later in the series and people who were part of the traveling Barney Show. This is normal for a good documentary, but what was interesting here was that so many people were willing to come out and talk about the phenomenon of the purple dinosaur rebound. That’s it.

“I mean, one of the first people I spoke to was Barney’s voice actor, Bob West. He was amazing,” says Avalon. “Bernie came out of the internet early, right? Yeah. So his emails got leaked. And I was like, ‘Oh, maybe, perhaps there’s something here”

A series was born. It was pitched in his 2020 and filmed in 2021, at the height of his Covid-19 pandemic. It wrapped just about a month ago and soon after, he was sold to Peacock, which is owned by NBCUniversal. Peacock is closing his own Barneys World Showcase in early 2021. at Universal Studios. So there was a natural connection there, he added.

Key interviews in the series include an interview with David Joyner, who was the second actor to play Barney after the first was drafted into the Army. Joyner brought physicality to his role of captivating children in live shows, and in later years the media made headlines for Joyner being his specialist in tantric sex. The documentary details that Joyner has always been a practitioner, revealing it before being hired by Reach. I had to sign an NDA promising to

“Bernie and sex are incompatible,” Joyner says in the series.

Avalon dug it up.

“Whatever the word sex is, people worry, especially around characters like Barney,” says Avalone. “But the way he explained this! He never – he was I never have I’m doing it as Barney.he really didn’t have [that] business until later in life. What he was doing before Bernie was meditation, energy work, and all that stuff. And honestly, the way he talks about it was trying to tap into his energy and channel it through television. done. He really connected with these kids in an unreal way. “

Like reach babysitters, does your interview have a wide reach?

“Lori? She’s actually married to Dean Wendt, Barney’s other voice actor after Bob West left.”

The Bernie Fellowship network is clearly deep. Many of the children in the film have become like family. Some have achieved great fame, like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

The series also looks at the entire cultural movement of the time, because nothing exists in a vacuum. jerry springer show And our addiction to those fights is ironically popular beavis and butt head And the national embrace of Nirvana. But those pivotal Generation X years were also the same years the new generation hosted its first show in the country specifically for preschoolers. Barney was targeting his 2-year-old and his 3-year-old, but when the kids were around her 4?they got old.Barney and her friends existed in a dull space electric company When Sesame street It can be argued – because those shows worked with kids from preschool through elementary school.

Older kids didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand Barney. (Of course, in contrast to other kids’ shows like Oscar the Grouch, which features different characters with different emotions, Barney was just happy.) Still, the juxtaposition makes for good television. increase.

“I found this video online. It was at the University of Nebraska Barney Bashing event,” says Avalon. “It was a newscast in 1993. Finally, the newscaster said, that’s the future of our country. And what if we explored love and hate. Are you living in the future?”

Avalon wants viewers to really think about why we collectively embrace a culture of cynicism that turns into disgust, which turns into a culture of willingly hurting others.

“You know, it’s like looking at someone and thinking face value. They’ve kind of created a successful character,” he says. I don’t know what’s going on, there are a lot of shades of gray, right? [Sheryl’s] A family suffering from a share of fame was unhappy.

And it was unfortunate that the country continued to struggle with Bernie’s fame.

“It’s great that people see this and leave. He’s kind of silly. Why am I No Like what I don’t like. what does that say about me? Avalon says. “You don’t want to listen to Blippy in the car when you’re driving with your son, do you?” [say] Let’s turn this crap off.But… well, what that Say?it shows [my son] I don’t like what he likes so now he has to question what he likes. [making the documentary] I started to really, really question what I said and how I felt about certain things. “

https://www.forbes.com/sites/adriennegibbs/2022/10/12/i-dont-think-this-is-a-true-crime-documentary-whatsoever-director-tommy-avallone-on-his-barney-the-dinosaur-doc-i-love-you-you-hate-me/ “I don’t think this is a true crime documentary at all” – Director Tommy Avalon on Bernie the Dinosaur Doc “I love you, you hate me”

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