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Image Credit: Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation./Everett Collection

today is a good day Hugh Jackman fan!With the surprise announcement of the two Ryan Reynolds45, and 53, reveal Hugh will be returning as Wolverine deadpool 3. “Hey guys, I’m so sad I missed you D23but we’ve been working hard on dead pool It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie,” said her husband. blake lively He said at the beginning of the social media video. “I really had to search my soul for this. His first appearance in the MCU obviously has to feel special. Stay true to the character.” We need to continue to be and find new depths, motivations and meanings.”

He further explained how difficult it is to bring in new things. dead pool Before revealing “one idea” the team had, the movie that stands out from the rest: Bringing in Wolverine. As he was walking, he asked. “Yeah, of course, Ryan,” Jackman replied as his head was completely out of frame and up the stairs.

Video ended with playback whitney houston‘s “I Will Always Love You” was shown faded out as a “Coming Hughn” graphic. The Deadpool logo then appeared, but was quickly cut off by Wolverine’s claws, with the final graphics revealing the movie’s release date as his September 6th, 2024. I was.

Hugh Jackman played Wolverine in 2006’s “X-Men: The Last Stand” (Photo: J20th Century Fox Film Corp)

Hugh first played Wolverine, a Marvel Comics character with adamantium metal claws, in the 2000s. x men 2017 was the last time he played him in nine films. Logan. Meanwhile, the first thing Ryan brought was dead pool to life in 2016 in the sequel This isn’t the first time characters and actors have appeared on the same screen. Ryan made his first appearance as Deadpool in his 2009s. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, x men A spin-off that unravels the origins of Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in 2016’s Deadpool (Photo: Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation./Everett Collection)

right to dead pool It was acquired by Disney when it acquired 20th Century Fox in 2019. wrapAccording to the publication, a script for the franchise’s third installment was being worked on in 2019, but is due in 2021. Wendy Molyneux When Lizzie Molyneux-Laughlinare some of the writers behind Bob’s Burgerswas hired for the job. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 – Hollywood Life

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