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After much anticipation surrounding Hrithik Roshan’s return to the big screen after record-breaking success war, vikram vedas It finally hits theater screens over the weekend and is all anyone can talk about!

If you have concerns about headline cult movies Vijay Setupati The remade superstar with Hrithik Roshan stepping into the iconic role put them all to rest!

Netizens are raving about the method vikram vedas is one of Hrithik Roshanbest performance. What he accomplished in the Vedas, no one else can do this. He took the character to a whole new level. From the intro he scene to other slow motion shots of him, not even his Vedha avatar of Hrithik’s gang, nobody was drooling. He has been described as a ‘force of nature’, a ‘perfect protagonist’ to ‘a man who dominates the screen with his sheer physicality’.

Superstar brought an unfettered intensity to his role as Vedha, letting go of the vanity that comes with superstar status and immersing himself completely in the character. He was likable, delicious and mischievous. Hrithik Roshan absorbed the character into his T and effortlessly persuaded him as Vedha, an iconic character many fear reinventing.

This isn’t the first time a superstar has stepped into the lion’s den and taken on an iconic character. rice field AgnepasAs a commoner in a Mandwa village seeking revenge for the humiliation and murder of his father, Rithik blew audiences away with his interpretation of the character. Agnepas Critics not only highlighted Hrithik Roshan’s performance as admirable, but many considered it better than the original film.

In this second attempt to portray an iconic character like Vedas vikram vedasSuperstar passed brilliantly again, and the audience reiterated that the action entertainer was a must for Hrithik’s performance and his version of Vedha.

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