Howard Stern wasn’t pleased, but Queen Elizabeth II’s death was widely reported in the US

on Monday’s show Howard Stern The show, an outspoken radio host, ripped through constant coverage of the monarch’s death in the US media.

It’s full of weird customs, and honestly, I just want to see the Queen go away. After she discussed her death with his co-host, Robin Quivers, who broke the news to her, it’s America who cries out for her. we don’t have a monarchy.

Indeed he continued. he understood. Perhaps Queen Elizabeth was a good-natured person. A Queen has always been a Queen for as long as I can remember and understand that there are traditions and she has done her part for her country. Nonetheless, we need to go back to Trump and figure out where those documents were in Mar-a-Lago.

When Quivers jumped in to see if he liked disturbing the Queen, he bellowed, “No, that sucks!” An August raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida villa, Mar-a-Lago, uncovered a cache of classified information that the shock jock had hinted at.

The constant media attention since the Queen died Thursday at the age of 96 may have driven Stern crazy.

After being hospitalized, the Queen passed away peacefully this afternoon in Balmoral, as the royal family announced on Twitter. The King and Queen will stay one more night at Balmoral before returning to London tomorrow.

Prince Charles, now King Charles III, expressed deep sorrow at the loss of his mother in a public statement. Royal his couple Prince Harry and Meghan his Markle welcomed mourners along with Prince William and Kate his Middleton, the newly-titled Prince of Wales.

An insider with insider knowledge of the royal family EXCLUSIVELY shared with Page Six that everyone is “extremely grateful” for putting aside their differences for the Queen.

https://celebrityinsider.org/queen-elizabeth-iis-death-was-widely-covered-in-the-united-states-although-howard-stern-was-not-pleased-532745/ Howard Stern wasn’t pleased, but Queen Elizabeth II’s death was widely reported in the US

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