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Fake followers are a huge problem in the social media marketing space, damaging a company’s reputation and continuing to waste money. An inescapable fact of the Instagram platform is fake Instagram followers. Some see them as a nuisance, others use them as an easy way to increase their follower count. But fake Instagram followers are an incredibly big problem.

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What is fake followerand why are they bad?

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Fake social media accounts created with the intention of mass following other accounts for cash are known as fake followers. Simply put, the fake Instagram account is not truly run by one person of hers. Some of these accounts are mass-created by humans, while others are mass-created by bots. Others remain idle, while others are taken advantage of to spam comments, likes, and other interactions.

These fake accounts are a problem for all social media platforms.about 10 bot accounts Deleted every second by Twitter, totaling over 310 million annually. An estimated 95 million Instagram accounts are fake. With an estimated 1 billion users, that means about a tenth of Instagram accounts are fake.

The purpose of these accounts varies by platform, but one of the most frequently used methods on Instagram is to artificially increase the number of followers.Want to be an influencer or company looking for rapid growth Buy thousands of fake Instagram followersall automated.

They don’t know that these fake followers are doing nothing to advance their account. they may be harming it. And unfortunately, even perfectly honest businesses that don’t buy followers can be affected.

How to identify fake Instagram followers

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Now that you know what fake Instagram followers are and why they matter, you definitely want to get rid of fake Instagram followers. I would like to remove these accounts from the community. So it makes sense to check fake followers regularly. At least once every six months, you should thoroughly scan your girlfriend’s Instagram and her Twitter pages for fake followers.

  1. Check your followers

Checking your follower-to-follower ratio is one of the easiest ways to identify a fraudulent Instagram account. These accounts use automation heavily. Therefore, they would amass a tremendous number of followers, some with a capacity of over 7,500.

Meanwhile, they have few followers. Naturally, this does not mean that every new Instagram user who follows 100 more accounts than he follows is a bot. However, a significant imbalance in follower count, such as 4,000 vs. 500, usually indicates that the account is fake.

  1. Understand your engagement rate

As shown above, fake accounts do not interact. Moreover, this also applies to fake accounts with fake followers.

In light of this, if you notice an account with 1,000 followers but less than 5 likes on each post, or any other low amount, it could be a sign of a fake account. At least we know their followers are fake.

  1. check out their comments

Comments left by fake Instagram followers are also red flags. “Nice photo”, “well done”, “wow” or some emoji – you know them. not.

These false statements can be distinguished from real people by three main characteristics:

  • Not original.
  • dull.
  • It has nothing to do with the photo itself.
  • grammar or spelling mistakes

Of course, not all fake comments are easily identifiable, and not all general comments are also fake comments. However, they are definitely signs of a fake Instagram profile.

By the way, if you’re guilty of posting this kind of comment, do you recommend stepping up your engagement marketing efforts? Just kidding. True though!

  1. consider their profile

When you can sell 1,000 fake Instagram followers for as low as $12.99, you don’t need to spend time creating accounts with real photos, interesting bios, and original posts.

Instead, these companies focus on creating accounts quickly with the minimum amount of specific information required.

For our benefit, this makes it easier to see. There are also three obvious red flags.

  • Profile pictures: Generic stock photos with no profile picture, or pictures of non-personal objects such as beaches or ducks, are typical features of fake Instagram accounts.
  • Bio: The standard Instagram bio is friendly and provides information about the products and services offered. Fake Instagram followers, on the other hand, have no profile, a profile that is very generic, contains sporadic promotions, or doesn’t match their photo content.
  • Username: If you try to enter a username that’s already taken when creating an Instagram account, you’ll get suggestions for similar names with a series of digits appended. Being @john2354580234 doesn’t appeal to the typical person at all because it’s a particularly hard-to-remember username. Hey add me to joe2354 — the rest is clear.

However, people who create fake accounts don’t really care. It actually saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to waste time thinking of more original usernames. Therefore, these high number usernames can be used to identify fraudulent Instagram followers.

However, especially if the account claims to be that of a celebrity, there are two more things to keep in mind: Is the account genuine? Are there even minor typos in your username?

No, the @taylorswiff account following you with 638 followers is not real. Fake Taylor Swift!

Additionally, you can rate accounts that the same company or individual has on other social networks. If someone is successful on Instagram, they must have a well-designed profile with respectable followers elsewhere.

  1. view post

We have now reached the actual post. Again, the people creating these fake accounts don’t have time to fill their spam profiles with interesting and unique information.

Rather, you’ll typically notice one (or all) of four things:

  • Posts focused on promotion.
  • Posts promoting fake sales or discounts.
  • Posts that do not match your profile picture or bio.
  • A very recently published post.

In the latter scenario, their common tactic is to post a few things as soon as you create an account. Posting frequently at intervals of several hours and then not posting again. So if he makes 5 posts in a short period of time and then stops, it could be a hint that the profile is fraudulent.


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Like most marketers, you don’t want to work with fake followers. Still, given the prevalence of fake profiles and automated accounts on social media, it’s possible that some of them are members of your audience or, at worst, that of potential influencers. could be.

For this reason, it is important to be able to recognize fraudulent followers. Now that you know why having fake Instagram followers is a problem for your company, you should be able to take action to get rid of them.

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