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The backlash against Om Raut’s teaser Adiprush It poses a series of questions about how the film, reportedly budgeted at Rs 450-475, turned out to be very amateurish in its look and feel.

Apparently Adiprush Laut’s revisionist version of Ramayana. An early indication was that Ravan would be portrayed not as a great villain, but as a erudite scholar with an intellectually developed demeanor. When there was none, all discussion of the revisionist Ramayana was canceled. Laut and his team decided to perform the traditional Good and Evil Ramayana, with Prabhas as Rama and Saif Ali Khan as Ravan.

Casting Khan as Raavan proved to be a costly error of judgment. Recent experience proves that mythology is ethnically inviolable. Just as filmmakers can’t get Hindu actors to play Islamic prophets, Can not A film adaptation of Hindu mythology, with Muslim actors playing prominent roles. Whether it is morally correct or not is not the issue here. That’s exactly right, period.

Recently, Aamir Khan MahabharatHe wanted to play Lord Krishna. he was advised not to. Unlike most thick-skinned, impermeable Bollywood superstars, Aamir listens to constructive advice.

manufacturer of Adiprush I was advised not to sign Saif Ali Khan too. But they wouldn’t listen. Their claim was that it was a villain role. This is akin to claiming that Ravan is the villain of the Ramayana. He may or may not. But he is an integral part of Hindu mythology. Villain or not, he is an essential part of the mythology.

Trouble shooting Adiprush It had nothing to do with Raavan. But Rama. By the time Prabhas started filming Adiprush, He had serious eating problems caused by a serious knee injury. You told me you try not to.

On top of that, I injured my knee during filming. baahubali It made strenuous exercise impossible. as a result, Adiprush It was plagued by a punchy, overweight actor playing Ram.

“We’ll fix it in post-production,” they decided.

Unfortunately, photoshopping wasn’t very effective. In the teaser, it looks like Prabhas’ Ram is still carrying the weight of the world a little more literally. Given that special effects cost him over Rs 200 crore, why is Ram so out of shape?

More importantly, why is the movie so out of shape?

After savage trolling and heavy criticism, Adiplish We’re in a huddle planning their next move. Apparently, parts of the film could be reshot with the objections raised in mind.

However, attempting to tamper with or “fix” the content of the film will not work. The best thing this movie can do is calm the public’s anger. The provocateur anger Yatra passes by.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/how-the-backlash-to-the-adipurush-teaser-throws-open-a-whole-line-of-questions-11387691.html How the backlash to the Adipurush teaser raises a series of questions!-Entertainment News, Firstpost

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