How PVOD Helps Preserve Non-Franchise Movies As ‘Beast’ Surpasses Vudu

Vudu said last weekend’s best-selling title (in terms of total revenue) was Top Gun: Maverick However beastThe “Idris Elba vs. The Lion” thriller has made $30 million domestically since its $11.5 million domestic debut, and $51 million worldwide to date on a budget of $36 million. This doesn’t hit the traditional “at least he’s 2.5 times the budget” standard of theatrical distribution.However, as we’re seeing now, the revenue provided by viewing PVODs, ESTs, DVDs, and streaming may have created a new ecosystem. norseman Thanks to PVOD and related post-theater revenue streams, it could be profitable despite earning $69.5 million worldwide on a $70 million budget ($35 million from Focus). The post-corona theatrical environment may increase, rather than decrease, the willingness of studios to produce and release a wider variety of films to theaters.

The studio has yet to start releasing actual figures for PVOD revenue.I don’t know how much money Michael Bay has ambulance The amount of money earned on the PVOD or the “value” it brought to Peacock. The (damn) action drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Eiza Gonzalez and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II made $51 million on a $40 million budget. Acquired Dunes. The film was a sufficient post-theater success to justify its ilk. Movies in theaters have been found to perform better on VOD and (non-Netflix) streaming. This is because marketing campaigns, increased awareness, and related “fame” are tied to multiplex execution. If PVOD streams are as profitable as they look, with little theatrical cannibalism, studios should be making more, not less, low- to mid-budget feature films of all shapes, sizes, and genres. .

PVOD system released in April 2020 Trolls: World Tour $20 a pop for a 48 hour rental “saved” a studio programmer. that’s too simple. This new normal is just beginning. Large tent poles usually perform better at home than smaller cinemas. But I feel more comfortable green-lighting non-franchise, non-event theatrical films than any moment since late 2015. Now there are two chances for him, the theater where the studio gets 50% and his PVOD where the studio gets 80%. %, early in its existence. That was before EST and DVD, before movies were driving streaming audiences on priority first-party platforms or offering big bucks as third-party leases. Not all theatrical films are profitable, but even modestly budgeted theatrical films can help alleviate the cost imbalance in getting to market.

I’ve regularly discussed a future where movies of larger sizes are released theatrically as VOD or streaming advertisements as the best-case scenario for post-Covid theaters.Early 2018 release of Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase A few weeks before the VOD release.You might see it come to life at the Fathom Event show Clerk Ⅲ Also Paramount Limited Theatrical Release
a title like Fletch’s Confessions, Orphans: First Kill When Contractor.light year It’s still a bomb.Do not think 3,000 years of longing It becomes a PVOD smash. Nonetheless, perhaps the ‘next’ as plays goose streaming potential prey There will be cracks in the box office. If you have consumer revenue streams that want to see a theatrical release soon, but don’t want to see it in theaters right away, beast It could be a $51 million hit on a $36 million budget.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/09/19/as-beast-tops-vudu-how-pvod-may-help-save-the-non-franchise-movie/ How PVOD Helps Preserve Non-Franchise Movies As ‘Beast’ Surpasses Vudu

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