How Paul Walker’s Family Will Honor Him on His 50th Birthday

Since Paul’s death, Cody has made it his mission to continue his brother’s legacy, including leaving his job in Oregon to take over the reigns of the She’s All That alum’s nonprofit, Reach Out Worldwide.

“I got involved because I was a paramedic and I wanted to be involved as a volunteer. And then Paul passed, and then it was like, well, what’s going to happen with this?” he recalled. “And so I left my career, came back down to California and picked up the baton, not knowing what the hell I was doing, and then just had the right team, surrounded myself with the right people. And we started creating different ways to create funding for the organization so it could continue.”

And continue it has.

“Fast-forward, FuelFest, I wanted to create something that could be sustainable that can also generate some funding for Reach Out Worldwide,” he explained. “So a portion of every FuelFest show goes to Reach Out Worldwide, and we’re at almost $400,000 raised for Reach Out worldwide that we’ve donated. And it’s all because of the people that you see here today. It’s really amazing.”

He added, “The people that don’t know about Reach Out Worldwide and just know Fast & The Furious, they learn about it at the shows too. It’s beautiful. I’m just really proud of it. It’s a piece of him he left behind, so it’s really important to us.”

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