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The Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt stirrer was reportedly produced on a budget of Rs.400 crore and has already collected Rs.300 crore worldwide.

when ‘brahmastraIt was all due to be released on September 9, but the film’s producers and stars likely hoped to break the box office jinx that the Hindi heavyweight faced throughout the year. The thing is, the film, which was made with a reported core budget of Rs 400 crore, has performed very well at the box office (BO) not only in the Hindi belt but also in South India. In fact, his National Cinema Day, which was scheduled to take place on 16th September on his over 4000 screens across India, was postponed to 23rd September due to the success of this film. The Hindi release of the film has been a smash hit with him making Rs 110 crore in its opening weekend in India and now he is in the Rs 300 crore club. Ranbir Kapoor When Aria ButtHowever, BO numbers in non-Hindi speaking states are also better.

fantasy thrill

One of the main reasons the film was able to connect with non-Hindi speaking audiences was its mythologically themed fantasy action-adventure story revolving around Shiva and the weapon of the gods (the Astra). It doesn’t compare to MC Universe, DC Universe, or SS Rajamouli’s movies, but the director Ayan Mukerji Having written and directed a film, he decided to try something new in Hindi cinema after a long time.When rajamouli The film saw the extra marketing boost it needed to promote it throughout the Southern states. Of course, the film is not without its flaws. Viewers and critics felt that the VFX was excessive, the love story was weak, and the story was mediocre. But that didn’t deter audiences from flocking to theaters to enjoy this visual spectacle.

Nambu box office boom

South’s box office shows that people here are also on board with Ayan Mukerji’s story, as the film has the biggest Bollywood opening of 2022. It’s the best of recent Bollywood movies. Dubbed versions of movies in various local languages ​​contribute about 15% of the movie collection. And given the movie’s huge budget, it’s imperative that the regional market provide the numbers for the movie, and they do.

In Tamil Nadu, the total collection of films was said to be around Rs.60 crore, while in Karnataka it was Rs.950 crore. In Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, the film is said to have already made a profit considering he apparently made Rs 6.7 lakh on the first day and in Telugu-speaking countries he broke at Rs 5.5. Chlores. It is reportedly now making over Rs 20 crore in Telugu-speaking states. Another aspect that’s pushing BO’s numbers is that it was released in his IMAX offering audiences a great cinematic experience.

receive feedback

The idea of ​​creating an ‘Astraverse’ is exciting, but so far only director SS Rajamouli has been able to deliver a big-budget film with the fewest possible flaws and create magic at the box office. There is much to be learned from Rajamouli’s filmmaking school. Anyone embarking on high-budget, full-scale movies should ideally absorb them before filming begins. ‘Brush Mastra‘ is planned to be a trilogy, the first part being ‘Brahmastra Part 1: Shiva‘. If director Ayan Mukerji could take feedback on the first film, enhance the sequel, and make revisions regarding the script (if any), the film could make far greater numbers worldwide, including in regional markets. I can.

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