How Bobbi Brown redefines the beauty industry by making her own rules

yes! News: How did you feel after making that decision and how do you feel about it?

BB: When it was finally made and happened, it was not an easy decision. I had to go through an adjustment period. My life was completely different than it ever was, basically a cosmetics company was my first baby. I had to reinvent myself and figure out not just who I was and who I wanted to be, but what I was doing with my time. , I fell in love with a few things, and two and a half years after leaving the brand, I launched Jones Road.

yes! News: Ever imagined becoming a brand founder again, even after knowing it was time to retire?

BB: When I left the brand, I had no intention of going into beauty. It was his billion dollar brand and it was a grand and important part of my life. And I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I know he couldn’t be part of a team that makes great things, and makeup reminded him of how much he loved being an artist. I was invited to India to give the keynote address for the first ever Indian Makeup Show. Masterclass then asked me if I wanted to create a make-up master class. I knew then that this is what I love and that this is who I really am. And just starting to experiment with new formulas, new labs, and new ingredients, Jones Road was born.

https://www.eonline.com/news/1351007/how-bobbi-brown-redefined-the-beauty-industry-by-making-her-own-rules?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories How Bobbi Brown redefines the beauty industry by making her own rules

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