“House of the Dragons: What does Aegon’s Dream of Ice and Fire Mean?”

house of dragons Very much in keeping with the best seasons of its predecessor, game of thrones; The show is rife with obscenely wealthy, dangerously inbred sociopaths, relentlessly battling over titles, crowns, child marriages, and nasty stuff. throne Excellent for

Apart from shamelessly reusing throne Theme song, the show was pretty restrained and rarely acknowledged throne, beyond being set on the same continent and governed by the same House. Except for the repeated mention of Aegon’s prophetic dream – A Song of Ice and Fire.

What is Aegon’s dream?

The good King Viserys (Paddy Considine) carries the weight of the crown, but he’s also haunted by an old family secret. His legendary ancestor, King Aegon the Conqueror, has a vision of the human world collapsing, and he understands that only his immediate Aryan family can save it. was doing.

Viserys told his daughter, Princess Laenira, that Aegon “foresees the end of the human world, beginning with a terrible winter that blows out of the far north. Aegon saw absolute darkness riding those winds, and Whatever lives within it will destroy the living world…if the human world is to survive, the Targaryen must sit on the Iron Throne.

According to Viserys, this is why Aegon conquered Westeros out of a sense of duty, and this is why Viserys named Rhaenyra as his heir (inadvertently and ironically, causing a terrible conflict).

Is Aegon’s dream a Canon?

Aegon’s dream does not appear in George R. R. Martin’s work Fire & Bloodbut it was brought up in a conversation with Martin himself House of the Dragon showrunner. In an interview with Polygon, showrunner Ryan J. Condal said:

“It actually [Martin] … He told us very early in the room — just as he does, Aegon the Conqueror is a dreamer, with White Walkers across the walls sweeping the land with cold and darkness. I casually mentioned the fact that I had a vision of Of course, with his permission, we incorporated it into the story. Because it was a great way to create resonance with the original show. “

Aegon the Conqueror was an enigmatic and solitary figure who seemed to have little interest in ruling Westeros once conquered. Conquest is framed in a nobler light.

The prophecies in Martin’s books are treated as influential but dangerously vague, either completely inaccurate or misunderstood by those in power who take them seriously.In contrast, Aegon’s dream is a very direct prediction, given what happened in the end game of thronessomewhat confusing.

After all, there was no Targaryen on the throne for the long night. Both Jon Snow (who is a Targaryen) and Daenerys Targaryen have proven crucial in fending off the White Walkers, but also deal fatal blows and stab the Night King and his army. Arya Stark is the one who destroys it.

Perhaps this was a deviation from Martin’s original plans, and was completely in line with the prophecy’s significance, especially given how quickly the White Walkers were defeated (the Long Night lasted only one night). not.

Will Aegon’s dream change anything?

It changes the Targaryen’s motives to some extent. For Viserys, a truly noble king and the Ned Stark of his day, it’s not a simple desire to see his family keep the throne, but to name Raenira his heir. His decision to do so is a selfless act.

Rhaenyra seems to take the prophecy very seriously, but she’s not fighting to keep the Targaryens on the throne. She is fighting to keep her family’s side on the throne. It is unclear whether her actions are pride or her prophecy.

Queen Aricent seems to be intentionally interpreting the prophecies in her son’s favour, does that matter? I already had a plan ready.

This prophecy appears to be both a serious motive and a self-righteous justification for the power grab. After all, they’re still part of the nobility, the sort of people who ride dragons to casually crush commoners, and send the populace into battle and die based on family feuds.

But prophecies add an extra dimension to the struggle.

Is Aegon’s dream built for the retcon?

Could it be?there is Jon Snow spinoff may be set after the event of thronePlot details are yet to be revealed, but Jon may face another Long Knight threat and ‘fix’ an overwhelming battle. throne A final season that, in hindsight, makes the prophecies seem a little silly.

Or maybe that’s the point. Either the prophecy was wrong, or the Targaryens overestimated their importance. That’s exactly George RR Martin.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/danidiplacido/2022/10/26/house-of-the-dragon-what-is-the-significance-of-aegons-dream-of-ice-and-fire/ “House of the Dragons: What does Aegon’s Dream of Ice and Fire Mean?”

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