Horizon Forbidden West release date, gameplay and strategy guide news

As Horizon Forbidden West’s release date approaches, the first wave of Horizon Forbidden West reviews has appeared online to challenge you even more.

The horizon is forbidden west Metacritic the score now sits at 89/100 if you’ve been wondering, and that score is based on 95 critics ’reviews.

And so when Horizon Forbidden West’s hype rises to an almost unbearable level, keep reading all the important details starting with this Horizon Forbidden West release date.

Horizon Forbidden West release date

Horizon Forbidden West release date February 18, 2022, confirmed the developers. This is the day when you will be able to play Horizon Forbidden West for the first time, whether you are in the UK, US or anywhere else.

A little further into the future, in late March, you can expect the tethered book to arrive – Official Horizon Forbidden West Strategy Guide sounds like the perfect companion to the game itself.

Looking even further into the future, Sony PSVR 2 The virtual reality headset will eventually host another Horizon game, Horizon Call of the Mountainwhich is also very interesting. More on that as we hear.

Review of Horizon Forbidden West

The first reviews of Horizon Forbidden West have appeared, and we have gathered for you some of the most appetizing!

Kimberly Wallace from Game Informant gave the game 9.25, offering the following exciting summary: “Horizon Forbidden West reaches a new high for Guerrilla Games. It is more than superior to its predecessor; it transports Horizon fiction to exciting locations and creates a rich world that rewards you for the effort you put in. it’s. “

Sam Lowridge’s Radar Games described Horizon Forbidden West as “nothing short of phenomenal”, adding that it “in every way replicates the original” with its “rich, compelling world” and “even more dinosaur robots”. Honestly, what more could you want?

У Tom’s Guide, Tony Palanka said: “Horizon Forbidden West is an exceptionally created sequel that offers an exciting open world experience that will appeal to fans of the original game.” However, he noted that the new game, in his opinion, “does not differ from its predecessor.”

The main essence of this first set of reviews Horizon Forbidden West was overwhelmingly positive, so hopefully home fans will get the game similar in Friday.

Can I pre-order Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West pre-orders have been going on for a while, and Amazon shows the Horizon Forbidden West price as follows:

Or you can head to Very much where you can buy any version of the game.

When is the Official Horizon Forbidden West Strategy Guide coming out?

The official Horizon Forbidden West strategy guide, which contains a whopping 656 pages, looks like a very attractive purchase in £ 31.05 on Amazon. However, the release date of the book is scheduled for March 31, so you have to wait a bit to pick it up after launching the game itself.

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay

Want to see Horizon Forbidden West gameplay in action? Well, you’re in luck. Live Sony State of Play showed just 20 minutes of full gameplay, and this extended trailer gives us a better view of the game. Look below yourself and you will definitely feel that your eyes are watering.

On which consoles and platforms will Horizon Forbidden West be available?

The original Horizon Zero Dawn game was launched exclusively on PS4, but the PC version came later, so it is worth considering whether Horizon Forbidden West will be released in the same way. The recent launch of the PS5 also changes the situation, so keep reading to find out where this game will be available.

Horizon Forbidden West – exclusive for PS5 or will it be on PS4?

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be available on both PS5 and PS4, as confirmed by Sony. blog post last year. While Horizon Forbidden West will definitely have better graphics and download times when you’re playing the PS5, it’s nice to know that PS4 users won’t miss this time. This is good news for those struggling to acquire a new console PS5 promotion issues.

Horizon Forbidden West release for PC: will it be on PC?

Sony has yet to announce a release date for Horizon Forbidden West for PCs, which should come as no big surprise. After all, the original Horizon Zero Dawn game has been exclusive to the PlayStation console for more than three years: it was launched on the PS4 in early 2017 and eventually appeared on PCs in the summer of 2020. If Horizon Forbidden West does appear on PC, we wouldn’t expect it to happen long enough.

What is the story of Horizon Forbidden West about?

“Horizon Zero Dawn” unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world, where giant robots have taken over the Earth and survivors have become a tribal society.

Unfortunately, very little is known about the sequel, but the end of the first game gives us some (spoiler) tips. It is revealed that Hades, unworthy of AI, wanting to destroy the man, experienced a climax at the end of the game and, interestingly, was captured by the alleged ally Silence. This well creates villains for the sequel, who are likely to be much more subtle given the player’s friendship with the Sylens.

The official synopsis tells us a little more, and while it doesn’t release much, it tells us there are even more challenges ahead that we need to sort out: “Horizon Forbidden West continues the story of Aloy, a young hunter from the Nara tribe sent on a quest the border that covers Utah to the Pacific coast to find the source of the mysterious plague that kills everyone than it infects …

List of all vehicles in Horizon Forbidden West

Oh, and the sequel will definitely be more varieties of machine animals – we are very happy. As the game is yet to come out, we don’t have a complete list of machines at the moment, but we know some of them: you’ll face Bristlebacks, Clawstriders, Chargers, Shellsnappers, Snapmaws, Sunwings and Tremor in the game.

Is there a Horizon Forbidden West trailer?

Only time will tell whether this will be one of best games for ps5but for now we can only enjoy watching Horizon Forbidden West marketing materials. Take a look at the latest Horizon Forbidden West story trailer below, and think about the game’s upcoming release date.

Why is Eloy’s face different? How old is Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West?

One question that appeared on social media after the disclosure of the gameplay was: “Why does Eloy’s face look different?” and the answer to this has not yet been officially published. But there are several theories.

The role of Scarlet is still performed Mythic Quest star Ashley Birchso there is no reason related to the actor why the character will look different.

Perhaps the graphics update delivered by the PS5 has changed the way Aloy is built into the game, with a higher level of accuracy and more dynamic lighting, making it look different. Or maybe the changes were made for reasons of history.

After all, Horizon Forbidden West is believed to take place six months after Horizon Zero Dawn, so Eloy would have aged a bit between the two games. In the first game she was in her teens, but now Eloy may be closer to her early 20s. Even though she was old, we’re looking forward to playing for Aloe again when this sequel finally comes out!

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Horizon Forbidden West release date, gameplay and strategy guide news

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