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The Hollywood Quarter is close to the city center. A thriving business district, Hollywood covers some of the busiest streets in the city, including Northeast Halsey, Broadway, and 42nd Avenue. Sandy Boulevard crosses the whole neighborhood like a merry belt. Interconnected streets make up Hollywood perfect neighborhood for exploring the weekend.

There is something for everyone in Hollywood. Stop eating at Gado Gado or Burger killer. Take dessert in Doe’s Donuts or combine sweets with coffee from Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe or Cafe “Nectar”..

If the food isn’t your jam, catch the show in Hollywood Theater or put a few balls Sam’s Billiards. Or go to Multnomah County Library Hollywood a branch for peace and quiet with a good book to read by the window. Stay in Wet place to watch colorful tropical fish or grab a gift and a last minute card You have moments.

Being the fourth most pedestrian area of ​​the city with a score of 94, Hollywood it’s a great community for all ages. Stop and say hello to the local business owner on the way around. There are many opportunities in Hollywood. Whether you want a new tattoo, an exotic fish or a sunny walk, you will find yourself at home in Hollywood.

Gado Gado

(Gado Gado)

Gado Gado is in the heart of the Hollywood district, near the corner Northeast Boulevard of Cesar E. Chavez and Broadway. Tall bright red letters pop out of their yellow outlines to invite you through glass double doors into a cheerful entrance with beautiful tiled bar counters and walls covered with sunny paintings and paintings that complete the vibrant look.

The restaurant is bright both inside and out, from floral tablecloths dancing with bright oranges and blues, to an eclectic menu that offers pea and carrot dishes to grilled albacore in spices. Gado Gado is a combination of culture and past experience, carefully selected to be what it is today.

Gado Gado was a dream that was born and raised in the restaurant industry. Co-owners Mary and Thomas Pisha-Duffley met and started dating at the time Mary was a bartender and Thomas was a line chef, fantasizing about one day owning his own restaurant.

This dream became a reality in the form of a pop-up window that appeared after the couple moved to the city Portland, Mainein 2017. June 3, 2019 in the former building of Vietnamese restaurant My Canbrick and mortar Gado Gado first opened his door.

The Duflis writes had to easily stand on their feet when the pandemic came. “We’ve changed so much that it’s hard to explain.” Mary said. “We really need to practice our creative problem-solving skills.”

Gado Gado The owners tried various tactics to stay and work, including takeaway food and even a movie theater. After all, Gado Gado endured it and stronger than ever, thanks to constant hospitality, comfort and exceptional food no matter what.

Thomas Pisha-Duffley built in Gado Gado menu from scratch, combining different cuisines to create a completely unique collection of dishes. Born in the village New England, Thomas draws not on American food typical of the region but instead of its cultural heritage and the food he ate as a child.

The Asian the merger is served on Gado Gado patterned plates are inspired by travel as his long journey Chinese grandmother through Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Holland before she settled in United States and the couple’s own travels in Southeast Asia.

Educated on what Mary describes it as “a merger in the literal sense of the word,” Gado Gado Owners hope to share their culture and past with customers in the food they serve.

Address: 1801 NE Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard. PhoneStk #: 503-206-8778; Website:

You have moments

(Nina Hand)

Nina Ruka has been in retail for over 25 years, since she moved to USA from Thailand. But it wasn’t until Hand researched art that she decided to start making greeting cards. This made her open her own store Hollywood District in September 2017. Moments Have You fills a niche in the area by offering gifts and postcards for any occasion.

Hand is proud of the variety of gifts that her store offers, which is evident when you enter the store. Shelves and tables are filled with “local and national handmade jewelry, household items, personal accessories and artwork” Hand said. These include Hands handicrafts such as maps, engravings and original paintings.

Many small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, You have moments included. The pandemic began immediately after the store’s two-year anniversary. Hand thank you for not having to fire anyone as she is the only employee. She pays tribute to her regular customers for their continued support of her business in difficult times. Referring to her regulars, Hand said, “I owe them a deep gratitude.”

Hands caring for their customers and the community is understandable. She is looking forward to brighter days for small businesses around the world Portland area. “I hope the city returns slowly.” She also said she was looking forward to meeting her new neighbor, Pono Brew Labswhich opens next to You have moments this month.

If you need a good postcard, a cute gift for someone special, jewelry, home decor or more, You have moments has that Hollywood residents are looking. And remember, “gifts make happy moments.”

Address: 1724 NE 40th Ave. Phone: 503-926-0099 Website:

Cafe “Nectar”.

(Alison Rose at Nectar)

Cafe “Nectar”. has been in the Hollywood market for almost ten years. Nectara vegan establishment, sitting in the middle of the district, sharing a building with neighbors Flamingo teapots, Ragan’s boutique, only 4 children and Wiggle Room on Northeast 42nd Avenue and Hancock Street.

Nectar creates a friendly feeling in the area with its bright orange walls, endowed with inappropriate wooden chairs and a sprayed sign over the greenery that winds around a two-tiered wooden lattice in front.

Natasha Style moved to Portland in 2009 and decided to start roasting coffee. She opened the coffee cart Belmont Street. In May 2013 More and Alison Rose open Cafe “Nectar”. on a site previously occupied by another coffee shop. There is also a food truck to cater for special events.

More perceived the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity for growth, closing the doors of the coffee shop in the spring of 2020 to double the seating area and triple the kitchen. Nectar managed to survive a few difficult months just walks and took out, celebrating the grand opening of the expanded and improved cafe in May 2020. More loves the liveliness of the Hollywood district.

“We are eternally grateful to our customers for continuing to support our business even through all the changes that COVID requires of us all.” More said. “We love our neighbors and the relationships we have built by serving business associates and neighbors.”
Nectar hires. If you want to join their team, write a cover letter and resume.

Address: 1925 NE 42-я пр., Люкс D; PhoneStk #: 971-302-.6359; Website:

Home Sweet Hollywood – News of Northeast and North Portland

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