Holly Madison details Hugh Hefner’s ‘disgusting’ proclivities: I have so many infections!

In the last few months we have discovered a great many things about lag playboy Founder Hugh Hefner.

And of the new information, very little is flattering.

In fact, many of them were downright rebellious.

Several ex-wives and girlfriends have come forward and revealed how they were manipulated and abused by Hefner.

Hugh in Holly in the television age. (Photo via E!)

Most of these revelations came thanks to the “Girls Next Level” podcast hosted by two Hef’s executives, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

And if you’re tuning in to hear about the many ways Hef was a terrible man and a terrible partner, Monday’s episode certainly didn’t disappoint.

Holly kicked things off by revealing that Hugh had unsanitary habits in his bedroom, which often led to medical complications for his various partners.

Holly Madison: I was told to lie about the girl next door!
Holly Madison finally speaks up. (Photo via Instagram)

“Heff used baby oil as a lube,” Madison revealed.

“I don’t recommend this. It’s an infection waiting to happen. It feels nasty. I don’t know what he was stuck with,” Holly continued.

“I was always frustrated with this baby oil because it lowers your pH. [having] yeast infection. “

Holly Madison: The Playboy Mansion Was A Toxic Gaslighting Cult!
Holly went through hell with Hef. (Photo via E!)

Madison went on to reveal that she shared her concerns with her primary care physician and Hef, but the latter didn’t care.

“I remember talking to my gynecologist about it and telling Hef, ‘You need to stop using baby oil.’ I can’t use it.”

“And I was like, ‘Yeah, on their skin. Not inside. You shouldn’t put it there.’

Hugh Hefner with a hat
Hugh Hefner in his signature hat and robe. (Photo via Getty)

Things got worse from there as Hef continued to use his lube of choice without Holly’s consent.

“After that, I came to refuse to use it, but others said he put it in his hand in the bedroom and turned away and put it on me when I didn’t.” I didn’t know he was doing that,” she explained.

“This is very foul, non-consensual and very gross,” Holly continued.

photo of holly and hef
The heyday of Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison. (Photo via Getty)

“I forgot about it for a long time, but for some reason I remembered it and got angry again.”

Holly and Bridget recalled having to have sex with Hefner while they were at Hefner’s house, and he kept a close eye on how often they engaged in relationships.

“The Black Book was documenting a few different things,” says Marquardt.

“I was keeping track of when someone received an allowance. He marked it so he couldn’t ask for it again,” she added.

picture of the girl next door
Girls Next Door was a Hef-based reality show starring Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt.

“We also tracked who slept with him and when.”

According to Madison, the women who lived in the Playboy Mansion felt that having sex with Hefner was a “chore” and tried to check it out “as soon as possible.”

And Hef seems to have done everything he could to make the experience as traumatic as possible.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/09/holly-madison-details-hugh-hefners-disgusting-sex-habit-i-got-so-many-infections/ Holly Madison details Hugh Hefner’s ‘disgusting’ proclivities: I have so many infections!

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