Here’s The Walking Dead’s Grown Up Children From The Finale’s Cut Ending

Well before The Walking Dead series finale aired last weekend, originally have a different endingWell, after it aired, it turned out that the cut’s ending was at least somewhat similar to the comic. It might be possible. Yet they are thematically similar.

We now know exactly what the alternate ending should have been and who should have been there.

The ending described by insider, which was actually: It featured a massive, comic book-style time jump into the future, aging all of the show’s present-day children into their twenties or so.

“After Daryl got on and off, we headed to Freedom Parkway outside Atlanta, where an iconic shot of Rick descended from the pilot. Young woman and man (20s) in the front seat.” Take a look at the ethanol-modified van they’re in, and throughout the scene you’ll realize it’s adult RJ and Judith, with other adult versions of the kids in the back—Coco, Gracie etc. They are there and aim to bring survivors back into the community… continuing the legacy of their parents When RJ speaks on the radio, he concludes: It’s his name and a line Rick said in the pilot.) He then ends by saying “…Hello?” in a survivor’s voice.

In fact, the full line-up was supposed to be an older Judith, RJ, Coco, Gracie, and Hershel, but all the major kids minus Lydia (who is a little older, I think). And indeed, there are pictures of those actors appearing to be playing adult versions of those kids.

There are some fun details beyond the obvious like Rick’s hat. For example, Coco is wearing Eugene’s bolo tie.

as for why If you’ve seen the actual ending, or know what AMC has planned all along, it should be pretty obvious. AMC is expanding the world of The Walking Dead and didn’t want to be tied to a time jump ten years into the future with this finale idea. It sounds like an adult Carl, and a true series finale.

The spin-off Dead City could reportedly have something to do with Maggie trying to find Hershel in New York, so it’s clear that it will show him safe and sound in the future. And I wouldn’t rule out AMC doing a “Judith Grimes” or “RJ Grimes” show in the future, or using these characters in some other way.

I understand why they chose not to have this scene, but I think it solved the main problem with the series finale in that it didn’t feel like a series finale. So much sacrifice has been made to get these spinoffs from , that they’re actually good and should be worth it. We’re anticipating a “Children of the Walking Dead” show, so this may not be the last time we see these kids grow up like this, anyway.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/11/28/here-are-the-walking-deads-grown-up-kids-from-the-finales-cut-ending/ Here’s The Walking Dead’s Grown Up Children From The Finale’s Cut Ending

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