Hema Malini’s 74th Birthday: I Want To Make A Film Like Dharmendra And The Bridges Of Madison County – Exclusive | Hindi Film News

Hema Malini turns 74 tomorrow and taking time out of her hectic schedule, the girl of her dreams told ETimes. Not only that, Hemaji also reveals her desire to work together Dharmendra Quoting Clint Eastwood again, Meryl Streepof The Bridges Of Madison County as inspiration. In this exclusive chat you can do all that and more. read…

Tomorrow is your 74th birthday, but you still look good.

Kyakaron. I can’t help it (laughs). But I think it was your love for me that made you say that.

You are a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an actress politician.
It requires serious time management and juggling skills. Bahot adjustment karna padta hai. If suddenly called to a constituency, it is not always possible to rush there. I need to remind my constituency of my other duties. Sometimes I can’t go[to Mathura]because my daughters are away from Mumbai and I have to take care of my grandchildren. But when I’m in Mathura, I’m all there. Then there is my dance practice.

Is that what keeps you so healthy?

Yes, no more exercise for me.

Do you practice dancing every day?

Not every day. If there is a dance performance, start practicing. Also, there is this constant urge within me to do something new. I want to continue to open up new paths.

Why don’t I see you in movies anymore?

Because filmmaking today requires huge amounts of money. Even OTT platforms don’t want to do anything unless they offer something really great.

Which of your movies is your favourite?

they were all great. But I like a few scenes in every movie more than the movie as a whole. I really liked Gulzar Saab’s Meera. I saw my movie the other day with Dharamji, Dhiragi directed by Basu Chatterjee. It was a very simple and sweet movie. I looked so pretty in a cotton saree and no makeup and of course my most famous movie is her Sholay. Dharamji has acted in many films. But Shoray remains special.

Would you like to work with Dharamji again?

why not? If someone offered something like what Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood did in Bridges of Madison, why not?

What is the secret to aging gracefully?

dancing. Dancing is my inspiration and keeps me fit. It physically tightens me up. I never let my physique go unnoticed. I look fine because of my dancing.

The filmmakers say you don’t have to wear makeup to face the camera.

that is true. When I put on makeup and went out to the shooting site, I was told to wipe it off. I see myself in these movies and I really like what I see.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/hema-malini-on-her-74th-birthday-i-would-like-to-make-a-film-like-the-bridges-of-madison-county-with-dharmendra-exclusive/articleshow/94879456.cms Hema Malini’s 74th Birthday: I Want To Make A Film Like Dharmendra And The Bridges Of Madison County – Exclusive | Hindi Film News

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