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Infamous movie mogul Harvey Weinstein held in horrifying conditions in solitary confinement
He awaits a daily trial in Los Angeles, his attorney said Tuesday.

Shakespeare in loveThe one-time Hollywood producer is on trial for multiple sexual assault charges against five women between 2004 and 2013. If convicted of a crime he denies, he could face 23 years in prison, plus over 100 years in prison. For years, he has already served time for a sex crime committed in New York.

On the second day of his trial in Los Angeles, as the court tries to narrow down a large number of jury candidates, attorney Mark Werksman said Weinstein, who uses a wheelchair, is in custody until the court convenes. The state of the detention center being held said: “Unsanitary, bad smell”

“It’s almost a medieval state. I worry about his health and his ability to get through this ordeal without a heart attack or stroke,” Worksman told the court. “He’s 70.”

Judge Lisa Wrench said she will speak to the sheriff’s deputy responsible for Harvey Weinstein’s detention during his trial.

“I’m not minimizing it. I don’t know if there’s a lot of work to be done,” Wrench said. The jury selection process is expected to take several days. The trial could last two months. Widespread sexual abuse and harassment allegations against Weinstein exploded in October 2017, and his 2020 New York conviction became a landmark for the #MeToo movement.

In June he lost a bid to overturn a sex crimes conviction.

In total, about 90 women are included. Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow When Salma Hayekaccused Weinstein of harassment and assault.

Weinstein has said all his sexual acts were consensual, and his attorney previously told reporters that the charges in Los Angeles stemmed from “many years ago” and that forensic He said it was not substantiated or corroborated by any physical evidence or credible witnesses.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/harvey-weinstein-held-in-medieval-conditions-ahead-of-court-lawyer-11432611.html Harvey Weinstein held in ‘medieval’ state prior to court: Lawyer – Entertainment News, First Post

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