Happy Birthday Prithviraj: A star who has always been unapologetic about himself

malayalam star Prithviraj Sukumaran celebrates its 40th birthday today. During his 20+ year career, he has appeared in over 100 of his films as an actor. He also has a formidable resume as a producer. Most of the films he supported through his Prithviraj Productions on his Home Banner were successful both critically and commercially.And the stars proudly wearing the hat of a successful mainstream directorthanks to Lucifer which became the first Malayalam film to earn Rs 20 crore at the worldwide box office.

In addition to his prolific portfolio as a filmmaker and actor, Prithviraj’s other distinguishing feature of his star status is his brash nature. For starters, Prithviraj faced a sustained negative campaign early in his career as he was presumed arrogant.

But Prithviraj never submitted himself to others. “I’ve always been respectful where I’ve been received. At the same time, I never show more respect than I should. It’s not like I’ve been acting or walking like this since I became an actor. I’m young.” It’s been like that since I was a kid,” he said in an interview when asked about his attitude.

“When I first started out in the film industry, I didn’t have many friends. People called me an introvert, but later I became arrogant and now people praise me for being brave,” he added.

Prithviraj also doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. Take this for example. He once expressed strong opinions about religious thinking. “There is a concept that I don’t believe in at all…that is religion. Religion was used in the Middle Ages to create social structures. First, social structures were based on economics – the rich and the poor. Divisions have arisen from occupations such as kshatriyas and vaisyas.The concept of religion is one such social structure.Of course, such social structures have helped the world to function. Beyond the moral purpose, I don’t believe in the concept of religion at all,” he said.

And Prithviraj realizes that given that he’s a popular star, his candor can sometimes get him into a corner. Be willing to face the consequences of being yourself instead of becoming.

“My personality is a by-product of my past experiences and the knowledge I’ve gathered in many ways. I always believe that we should get closer to the true profile we can maintain. People often ask me if I don’t smile I know I don’t smile at strangers I’ve been in this industry for years and you think I don’t know that? If you want to smile at the crowd when you leave here before you get in the car, that’s very nice.I’m an actor, but that’s not me.I don’t smile at strangers. I decided to be myself and face the consequences of that as well,” he said.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/malayalam/happy-birthday-prithviraj-the-star-sorry-for-not-being-sorry-8208777/ Happy Birthday Prithviraj: A star who has always been unapologetic about himself

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