Gujarat tourism board unveils state’s first film tourism policy, Ajay Devgn to attend event – Entertainment News , Firstpost

During the policy launch, Ajay Devgn, Kumar Mangat, Laxmi Films and Bollywood Hub signed MoU worth Rs 102 crore with Gujarat Tourism Board for development of film infrastructure and film production Did.

The Gujarat Tourism Board has announced the first of state film tourism policies or schemes in the presence of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Minister of Tourism of Gujarat and a special guest by Mr. A prominent face of the Bollywood film industry. Did. Ajay Devgn on 10th Ahmedabad, Gujarat, September 2022.

Ajay Devn

The state leverages its vibrant culture, archaeological heritage, world’s tallest statue – Statue of Unity (SOU), long coastline and great white salt desert, well-developed infrastructure and connectivity, It plans to take advantage of its proximity to the world’s largest film production industry. bollywood. In addition to that, the friendly public, well-developed infrastructure, connectivity and better law and order situation have given the state an edge and now the state has made Gujarat the cinema of all languages ​​around the world. We aim to establish ourselves as a major state for producers.

Gujarat Tourism Board Announces First State Cinematic Tourism Policy Ajay Devgn Attends Event

Ajay Devn

At the start of the policy, Mr. Ajay DevnMr. Kumar MangatLakshmi Films and Bollywood Hub have signed an MoU worth INR 1.02 crore with Gujarat Tourism Board for the development of film infrastructure and film production.

Gujarat Tourism Board Announces First State Cinematic Tourism Policy Ajay Devgn Attends Event

Ajay Devn

This policy will increase the entrepreneurial opportunities and employability of young people in the state, leading to socio-economic growth and state development. This is the first policy to be promoted under the direct control and intervention of the Prime Minister. This policy does not require a minimum number of filming days in-state to be eligible for incentives. The policy will not only facilitate the filmmaking process within the state, but will also digitize the entire incentive application process and strengthen the single point of contact system that allows investors to apply for incentives with a single click.
All filmmakers in India and around the world are welcome to shoot here in Gujarat.

Hereby, Gujarat’s cinema tourism policy will undoubtedly create attractive opportunities for cinema and develop cinema related infrastructure for citizens of the country. Film shoots of all types, from motion pictures, television series, web series, documentaries to large budget film events, are eligible for financial and non-financial incentives.

The scheme aims to promote cinema tourism through developing cinema infrastructure and creating attractive opportunities for cinema in Gujarat. The scheme offers various financial and non-financial incentives for:

1. Film infrastructure development projects are eligible to claim the following benefits under this scheme:
Me.Up to 20% capital subsidy for eligible projects with no cap
of.film city
b. Film & Television Studios
c. Film Training Institute
d. Post-production facilities
ii. Up to 100 acres of government leased land;
iii. 100% refund of registration fee and stamp duty;

2. Filmmaking projects for filming and production in Gujarat
Me.25% reimbursement of eligible cost of production (CoP) in Gujarat
of. Maximum INR 2.5 Crore for film production
b. Maximum INR 2.5 Crore for Brand Affiliation
c. Maximum INR 1.5 Crore for TV and Web Series
d. Documentary Maximum INR 25 Lakh
ii. Other administrative support for film production in Gujarat.
of.Help with booking accommodation
b. Save up to 50% on stays at TCGL properties
c. Facilitates security during film production
d. Liaison with International Filmmakers
e. connect with authorized transportation service providers;
f. Details of Film Fraternity and Suppliers in Filmmaking
g. Focus on ongoing engagement through feedback systems
h. Assistance with Excise Permits

3. Special Incentives
Me. Up to 25% reimbursement of eligible production costs up to INR 25 Crore for large budget films shot in Gujarat
ii. 20% reimbursement of spending in Gujarat, up to INR 25 Crore for hosting national and international mega film awards events in Gujarat.

There is no doubt that Gujarat has great potential to attract filmmakers and tourists from all over the world for various reasons. Bupendra PatelThe state chief emphasized that a film facilitation cell has also been established to provide administrative support, liaise with other departments, and make prompt remediation to stakeholders.

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