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NoHo Arts music review of Mr. Grossman’s “Novella” mini album.

noho arts music reviews Mr. Grossman’s “Novella” mini-album.

Grossman’s latest self-proclaimed ‘mini-album’ ‘Novella’ is a selection of deep R&B and soulful pop tracks.

With a lovely variety of vocal styles by Mark Grossman and vocalist Chana Matthews, these beautifully written songs take us from politics to love.

It feels like a mini album. Each song has its own aesthetic and atmosphere. Something like Sade, then John Ledgendy, but all very cohesive and gorgeously connected.

“Novella” is worth listening to several times. Sometimes gloriously simple music needs a little bit of lingering in your head to ruminate and marinate. “Novella” is like that.

To be truly unforgettable, get rid of good songs that only need some space and a little time in your mind.

Each track on this small but poignant album has impact and resonance in an artfully gentle way.

Mark Grossman has something to say, and he says it in poetry and in his own humble and authentic style.

i love it!

Favorite song “Escape” – Gorgeous!!!

Stream “Novera” on Spotify.

Stream “Novell” on Bandcamp.


Musicians/Instruments: Mark S Grossman/Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals.Chana Matthews/Vocals

Producer: Mark S. Grossman


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1R8Sf2Rr4v4DFVpcVGpJn6?si=kaw5R46TR5q0Y-49Q9R-8A

Stream “Novell” on Bandcamp.

Artist Contact Email Address: Grossman Mark@hotmail.com

https://nohoartsdistrict.com/mr-grossmans-novella/ Grossman’s “Novels” – NoHo Arts District

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