Grimes released a selfie, spreading rumors that he had surgically modified elf ears

The 34-year-old singer tweeted a photo of her bandaged face on Saturday.

I’ll be thrilled if she gets them. “Does she want four attentions? Mom, what’s the matter…?”

From a series of tweets from mid-August, grimes Full name: Claire Elise Boucher, I was considering proceedings. This procedure reshapes the patient’s ear cartilage to give them the characteristic pointed cusps found in elves and fictional beings in the fantasy genre.

On August 15th, she first brought up the topic, asking her followers, who underwent a quirky makeover, for their thoughts. What about the elf ear mods, has anyone had success?She tweeted about it, fearing it would restore the cartilage in her ears.This surgery seems risky, especially for musicians, but I I’ve wanted it for so long. I listen intently to others.

Her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk reappeared in a chat the next day with a snarky and literal comment.The 51-year-old CEO of SpaceX said the risks associated with elf ear surgery were potentially I said it outweighs the benefits.

Grimes interrupted again in a longing tone. Honestly, it seems like a job for Crisper. “Sad to be born just a few generations early,” she tweeted, referring to the revolutionary gene-editing CRISPR technology that can rewrite the genetic code of individual humans in specific ways.

In a subsequent tweet, on Aug. 17, Grimes commented, “Wow, I love these bastards,” in response to a fan who tweeted a series of elf-eared digital avatars that resembled her. Did.

https://celebrityinsider.org/grimes-published-a-selfie-which-fueled-rumours-that-she-had-her-elf-ears-surgically-altered-533210/ Grimes released a selfie, spreading rumors that he had surgically modified elf ears

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