Grateful Dead and wine intertwine in a perfect pairing in the bottle

“We can share women.

wine can be shared,

we can share what we got from you

Because we shared all of mine. – From Jack Straw

Well, you may not be able to share a woman exactly, but you can share a Grateful Dead-inspired bottle of wine.

California vintner Nerley Head has teamed up with the Grateful Dead to release two limited edition wines: Nerley Head Limited Edition Old Vine Zinfandel and Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine, which just debuted this month, is the result of a partnership between a villain and a winemaker. Gnarly Head’s portfolio his director, Andrew Bok, said:

“This partnership felt a natural fit to give Deadheads and loyal Gnarly Head fans something new to celebrate and something to cherish,” he adds.

Both wines are priced at $12 and come in a limited collection of matching wine glasses, presented in an artistic box that adds to the wine’s atmosphere. “To truly honor the legendary American rock band, it makes sense to spotlight these new wines in a bold and expressive collector’s box that resembles a music amplifier,” said Bock. increase.

While some may not initially associate wine with jam bands, Bock says wine and bands are a natural pairing, noting that the song “Jack Straw” refers to wine. increase.

“Deadheads may not immediately connect with the wine community, but wine speaks to older generations of Dead fans and reignites the passion of younger generations,” says Bock. “Their archivist and legacy manager, as David Lemieux put it, ‘You don’t just hear the music of The Dead, you experience it.'”

Just as the Dead’s music is an expression of the “California state of mind,” so is Gnarly Head’s legacy. “Like the band, Gnarly Head captures the heart and spirit of the community and stands the test of time,” he says Bok.

Fans will immediately identify with the bottle label design. There is a skull and roses, which are the symbols of the band. “The label has an iconography that fans are instantly familiar with,” he says Bok. “The label design includes the band’s kinetic skull and rose figure emerging from the twisted ancient fine-print trunk of the Gnarly Head Limited Edition Old Vine Zinfandel label.” You’ll notice the iconic lightning bolt skull made famous on the cover of the iconic live double-album Steal Your Face.

There are parallels between fans of bands and fans of wine. “Gnarly Head wine lovers span all demographics and all generations in the same way that the Grateful Dead fandom has been revived,” he says. “Most of all, fans will resonate with the wine’s bold taste.”

Bok suggests fans open up a bottle of wine and enjoy it while listening to the music of the Grateful Dead. “Gnarly Head’s wines bring out the same passion and energy as the Grateful Dead. Just as these great wines capture some of those vibes when fans pour a glass and immerse themselves in their favorite albums.” I hope it inspires,” he says. “We encourage Deadhead superfans, rock and roll aficionados, wine collectors, and/or anyone in between over the age of 21 to enjoy these new wines.”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeanettehurt/2022/09/20/grateful-dead-and-wine-twine-together-in-perfect-pairing-in-a-bottle/ Grateful Dead and wine intertwine in a perfect pairing in the bottle

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