Good Grief is a Netflix original movie written, directed and starring Dan Levy.

The 39-year-old Shitts Creek actor will direct, write and star in his first feature film, Good Grief, coming to Netflix. Starring Ruth Negga, Himesh Patel and Luke Evans.

Official Synopsis: Mark Dreyfuss got married lightheartedly to avoid dealing with the grief of his mother’s death. When Marc’s husband also dies suddenly, he finally faces the pain he’s been trying so hard to escape, and he and his two best friends embark on a weekend of self-discovery in Paris.

According to a report published by the author, “Good Grief” is a cautionary tale about friendship, loss, and the turmoil that comes when you finally face the truth after avoiding it for so long. It’s a hilarious, melancholy effort that helped me to do that. Also, I’m crossing my fingers that it helps others as much as it does me.

On Monday, Levy posted the news on Instagram with a caption. The Good Grief cast also includes Celia Imrie, Arnaud Valois, David Bradley (Harry Potter) and Jamael Westman.

As Levy told PEOPLE back in June, a Schitt’s Creek reunion movie has no set date, unless the show’s loyal fans discover a storyline to do right.

I hope that one day we will all be able to gather together. This group is very common where I live. Levy emphasized how often they communicate with each other. Therefore, there is love. Willing to cooperate and need to share more stories.

In short, it’s about making sure you’re talking about the right things. He also said, “I think he’s also happy with the work he’s done on the sit.” Starting from such a high point requires you to ponder your next move. Given that it seems to be an extension of something most people haven’t had or seen, it’s safe to assume it’s not common. became.

https://celebrityinsider.org/good-grief-is-a-netflix-original-film-written-directed-and-starring-dan-levy-535309/ Good Grief is a Netflix original movie written, directed and starring Dan Levy.

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