Gold was his pehchaan, his amulet, but he owned only 754 g | Hindi movie news

NEW DELHI: King Bling shocked the country with his answer to one of the questions back in 2014, when Bapi Lahiri – who resonated in politics as the BJP candidate Lok Sabha in Kolkata – told the Indian Election Commission that he owns only 754g of gold jewelry (worth 17.7 lakhs). “We were, frankly, a little shocked to see that he had so little gold. You look at it and think it has pounds of gold jewelry, but that’s not true. His wife, a housewife, has more gold, ”a representative of the election campaign said.

The golden man – as he was called after the ridiculous advertisement “sone ke nimbu”, which he made for a lemon drink, emphasized his love for all gold before it became a surprising brand image. If his commitment to multiple chains and pendants can be traced to his “inspiration and idol” Elvis Presley, the collection dates back to 1975. “Unlike others, I wear gold all the time. So it has become my image and people call me the Golden Man. . . Gold is my pehchaan, ”he said.

When his golden ‘Hare Rama Hare KrishnaThe chain that his mother gave him after the success of the film “Zahmi”, his first hit in 1975, was his “talisman”, a large pendant Ganesha loved to show off and for good reason. “Michael Jackson, when he came to Bombay, was met only by me. He liked the chain of my Ganpati Baba, ”he said in an interview many years ago. The giant gold “B”, which hung on one of the many chains, was a gift from his wife Chitrani during his wedding.

But he was not a gold digger imaginable, despite the discovery of gold. “Today’s price of gold, you know? High price! My lady always buys a beautiful silver barton because we have so much gold, ”he often said. I lost a friend with whom we worked together on 15 films such as “Disco dancer‘,’ Dance Dance ‘,’Tarzan‘and’ Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki ‘. We met in 1978 when I was 20 and starting my first film “Taqdeer Ka Badshah”. I took Bappida because it was in trend. It was also the first time I worked with Mitun Chakrabarti. Our trio became a combination of superhit. Mithun looked upset during the filming. One day I asked him what was the matter. He said I work so hard, but I don’t see my career moving anywhere. That day I told him: I will make a film that will change your condition. And this movie was “Disco Dancer”. He became a superstar overnight, thanks in large part to Bappida’s songs, which introduced the disco trend in India.

One of the songs’Jimmy Jimmy‘became famous all over the world, especially in China and Russia. I went to China for the First International Film Festival on Hainan Island. People surrounded me when they found out I was there and started singing “Jimmy Jimmy”!

He was a complete musician. He could sing, compose and play various instruments, as both his mother and father were performers. He understood the feeling of the character. He made six or seven records a day. It was painful to see such an energetic man lose his voice, his strength in the last days of his life.

(As Belle Jaisingani said)

Gold was his pehchaan, his amulet, but he owned only 754 g | Hindi movie news

Source link Gold was his pehchaan, his amulet, but he owned only 754 g | Hindi movie news

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