Gisele Bundchen has been spotted twice in Miami since her split with Tom Brady

Although she still has marital issues with her husband, 42-year-old supermodel Tom Brady was seen leaving the gym in Miami on Monday morning.

While speaking on the phone, Bündchen wore all-black clothing and a tanned baseball cap to show off his toned physique.

It’s unclear if the model’s estranged connection to the NFL star was related to the fact that she didn’t wear a wedding ring while exercising, even though she didn’t.

The former Victoria’s Secret model was spotted for the first time Friday in South Beach, Florida. Brady, 45, stayed elsewhere.

The estranged couple hasn’t been seen together in months after a monumental debate sparked by Brady’s decision to come back from retirement and play football again. According to sources, Tom and Gisele recently battled to make their marriage work and fell apart.

In the Elle magazine cover story, Bündchen echoed her sentiments, saying she wished Brady was with her children more and wished he would spend more time with them. I said I had many discussions with him on these topics.

The model arrived in Miami after a trip to New York City for a shopping regimen with the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Vivian. started. (They also have a son-in-law, John, who is 15, and a son, Benjamin, who is 12.)

But the fun trip to the city seemed to take a turn for the worse when Bundchen was seen crying while talking on the phone. I was.

One witness told us he saw Gisele taking a walk alone on the West Side sobbing into her cell phone. Others speculated that she was talking to Brady at the time.

https://celebrityinsider.org/gisele-bundchen-has-been-sighted-twice-in-miami-since-her-split-from-tom-brady-534422/ Gisele Bundchen has been spotted twice in Miami since her split with Tom Brady

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