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girl in room 13 mark any of Anne Heche final role.sorry for the actress Passed away Died on August 11th at the age of 53. hollywood life We spoke exclusively with the director of Lifetime Films Elizabeth Rohm On working with the late actress.

Anne Heche
Anne Heche in “Girl In Room 13”. (lifetime)

“We had a great relationship and were equally committed to working together on this project. ‘ said Elizabeth.

Ann died after a car crashed into her house on August 5th. Both the car and the house caught fire. It took him nearly an hour for firefighters to extinguish the blaze, pull Anne out of the carThe actress was in a coma for a week declared legally dead. she died Smoke inhalation and burns.

girl in room 13 It was a very meaningful project for Ann. This film deals with the important and relevant topic of human trafficking.acting grace Larissa Diaz, is being held captive by her ex in an attempt to sell her into human trafficking. Janie, played by Anne, does nothing to find her daughter. She reveals her shocking stats about the dark world of human trafficking and its widespread victims.

Elizabeth said she was “really impressed with Lifetime’s commitment to stopping violence against women,” which is why she wanted to direct. girl in room 13“They’re talking tough, but they’re not doing it in an irresponsible way… This is a very difficult topic. It’s a confusing topic. It’s a massive topic. This is a $150 billion scale. This is our attempt to tell just a small part of the story of human trafficking, the topic of millions of victims (men, women and children) suffering because of human trafficking. I love Thyme directing and acting because they feel a deep sense of responsibility when it comes to these stories. girl in The series also specifically tackles some of the more difficult topics, so we’re looking forward to sharing this film with the world and hope it makes an impact.

Anne Heche
Anne Heche and Larissa Diaz in “Girl In Room 13.” (lifetime)

For the role of Grace, Elizabeth specifically reached out to Larissa about the film after working with her previously. The director was always impressed with how the actors approached the material. “Every day they came to the set with everything they needed to tell this important story about this important issue,” she said. hollywood lifeShe added, “The actors were brave, sincere, and dedicated to the greater cause at hand.”

In addition to the film, Lifetime will launch a PSA to bring Polaris to its attention and a human trafficking hotline to connect victims and survivors. “This is a completely confidential hotline. We want to continue to tell this story through this film and make an impact,” Elizabeth said. There are millions, victims all over the world, and they are all very unique stories. girl in room 13 It will air on September 17th at 8pm on Lifetime.

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