Gia Judis feels that Teresa Judis needs to slow down with Luis Ruelas

Fans of Teresa Judiche are looking for a serious conversation between Teresa and her daughter Gia Judiche regarding Tre’s relationship with fiancé Luis Ruelas.

Next Tuesday, March 8, episode 12 of the duet of mother and daughter enters into a relationship with each other, and Jia holds back nothing. When filming took place in season 12, Teresa was catching on to her boyfriend Luis from all sides.

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Teresa Judith is tired of everyone interfering

Now fans will see how curious everyone close to Teresa Judiche was when it comes to her relationship. According to Reality Blurb while walking for ice cream the two women began to talk about a delicate for both of them topic, relationship.

“What do you want to do for your year [anniversary with Louie]? ”Jia asks. A mother of four reveals to her eldest daughter that she does not know what plans for the anniversary she and Luis may have.

Teresa reveals that Luis is planning their special evening and it will be a surprise for her.

Credit: Bravo / YouTube
Credit: Bravo / YouTube

Gia Judiche tells Teresa Judiche that she is worried

“He’s wonderful. You don’t think he’s beautiful, ‘asks Teresa pleadingly. Jia doesn’t seem to dare answer too quickly and starts sharing her thoughts with her mom.

Gia tells Teresa that she thinks she and Luis are moving too fast. As all fans of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” know, Teresa is usually not very receptive when someone tells her something she does not want to hear. Especially when it comes to her relationship.

“No, yes, but honestly, I feel like it’s still just step by step. Like, you’re not ready to get engaged yet, are you? ” Gia asked.

During the confession, Jia talks about her true feelings for her mother. She shows that she wants nothing for herself but happiness, but … At the moment she has some problems and she wants Tre to tread carefully.

Slow down Teresa

“I think my mom is moving too fast? Yes, – she said, continuing – in any respect you will be in the honeymoon stage first. It is very easy to see only the good when you are in the land la-la.

Tre reveals that she and Luis Ruelas openly discussed the engagement. She also shows it Gia Judiche said her late grandfather Nono would not want her to move in with someone without an engagement.

Gia slapped in response, “I also didn’t think it would move that fast.”

Let’s move on from the time this episode was filmed, to October 19, 2021, and Teresa Judiche and Luis Ruelas are engaged! Obviously, after the shooting, Gia had a little more time to meet Ruelas, to get engaged.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

We mean that she is right, because she openly supported her mother Teresa for her decision to miss the marriage with Ruelas. In addition, the mixing of the whole Giudice / Ruelas family has now begun. Tre, Louis and family finally all moved together.

Well, Teresa, Louis and the kids might be planning a wedding. However, one thing is clear, t RHONJ there are no wives. There will still be a lot of drama in Theresa and Luis ’relationship if the women continue to interfere.

Real New Jersey housewives Season 12 comes out Tuesday night Bravo.


Gia Judis feels that Teresa Judis needs to slow down with Luis Ruelas

Source link Gia Judis feels that Teresa Judis needs to slow down with Luis Ruelas

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