Get inside the unexpected battle of Southern Charm

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southern charmOn the September 22nd episode of we saw a longtime friend of Naomi Orind When Benita Aspen It could be Season 8’s most shocking fight yet. However, the cause of this fight is less shocking. Craig Conover.

After dating for three years, he and Naomi broke up in 2017. short reunion 2021 — Conflicted throughout the season, with the most recent disagreement another When they fought the night before going out to dinner with Benita, shep rose, taylor ann green, Austin Kroll, olivia flower When Whitney Sadler Smith.

For the first time, Craig drunkenly pissed off Naomi after she brought up a derogatory comment she had recently made about Naomi. Leva BonaparteHe apologized at dinner the following night, saying he would “try to be nicer”.

In his confession, Benita confessed that Naomi was “trying to get into a fight” with Craig, telling him to “stay together, enjoy your steak, and have a good time.”

And although she didn’t tell Naomi at the table, she asked her to “admit” Craig’s feelings.

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