Geena Davis accused Bill Murray of yelling at her on movie set Hollywood Life

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Geena Davisa 66-year-old woman talks about her negative experiences in the production. quick change When Bill Murray. of actress The 72-year-old actor insisted on using a massage tool on her, despite her refusal during their first meeting in a hotel suite, and then yelled at her on the set of a 1990 film. death of courtesyaccording to NMEShe wrote that the tool was called “The Thumper” and he wanted her to use it, even though she adamantly refused.

Reportedly, when Bill later tracked her down in her trailer, he reportedly went on to write that he started yelling at her for being late as she was waiting for the wardrobe. While rushing to the set, he apparently kept yelling at her, even when she was in front of hundreds of cast, crew and passers-by. hollywood life I’ve reached out to Bill’s rep for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.

Gina David, Bill Murray
Gina and Bill in a scene from “Quick Change.” (Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)

Gina also opened up about the uncomfortable situation she was put in with Bill in a new interview. new york timesIt was “bad,” she added, before adding, “His behavior in the first meeting… I should have walked away from it or defended myself outright. How or what to react to during the audition? If I knew what to do, I could have avoided that treatment, but you know, I wasn’t very confrontational, so I didn’t.”

A reporter Gina was speaking to in an interview hinted that she blamed herself for Bill’s actions. “There’s no point in regretting it, but here I am. Yes, it wasn’t my fault, exactly.”

Geena Davis, Bill Murray
Another shot of Gina and Bill in the 1990 film. (Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)

Gina’s latest accusations about Bill came after she made headlines earlier this year when she said she was treated differently by directors after winning her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. her role of casual traveler in 1989. I feel like I was ‘everything,'” she said in an interview. Allison interview podcast.

“Having never met me or spent time with me, they were like, ‘Well, nobody can tell me what to do now!’ I think the directors felt that way because I was a woman,” she continued. “And maybe there was even an unconscious bias that they might do it to women instead of men. But they didn’t want women potentially causing problems.” .

Gina’s new book, The Death of Politeness: A Memoir Coming October 11th.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/10/10/geena-davis-accuses-bill-murray-screaming-quick-change-memoir/ Geena Davis accused Bill Murray of yelling at her on movie set Hollywood Life

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