Gauri Khan and Malaika Arora Struggle to Decipher Millennial Jargon

Shah Rukh Khan’s wife and designer Gauri Khan’s show Dream Homes recently launched, and the designer has already reinvented the personal spaces of celebrities such as Manish Malhotra and Kabir Khan. In the latest episode of the show, Gauri Remodel the bedroom of Ahan Khan, son of Malaika Arora. Because Malaika wants to surprise Ahhan with a big makeover of her own room.

Gauri, who has to remodel Arhaan’s bedroom in just three days, talked about understanding Arhaan and teens in general. she said. They use some weird words and jargon. All these funny words and phrases I don’t understand. “

The designer understood and wanted to know what Ahearn’s choices and favorites were, and said, “If I’m designing for that age group, what’s on their minds and what’s on their minds?” We need to understand what is going on,” he said.

Gauri Khan hasn’t designed teenagers’ bedrooms in a long time, but she made it clear on the show that she’s always a learner. we are always learning I’m actually from google. I hadn’t designed a teenage bedroom for a while. “

Malaika Arora’s son Alhan is currently studying abroad and Malaika was spotted at the airport a few days ago with her ex-husband Alvarz Khan to see her son off. Malaika is now Arjun Kapoor The duo are vacationing in London.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/gauri-khan-and-malaika-arora-struggle-with-the-millennial-lingos-8199099/ Gauri Khan and Malaika Arora Struggle to Decipher Millennial Jargon

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