Funeral of the late Jerry Lee Lewis celebrities including Dennis Quaid, Ringo Starr and Elton John

Lewis, affectionately called the Killer, died Friday at his home in DeSoto County, Mississippi, alongside his wife, Judith Brown-Lewis. He reportedly shared with her on his dying day that he wasn’t afraid of her dying, as stated in the press release announcing his death.

Brown is ready to leave at this point. Shortly before his death, Lewis said: He declared that he was ready to be with Jesus.

After the news spread, many celebrities took to social media to express their condolences and pay tribute to Lewis.

Rock’n’roller Ringo Starr paid tribute to the late musician Jerry Lee Lewis, writing on his Twitter account, “God bless Jerry Lee Lewis peace and his whole family’s love of Ringo. I hope you do,’ he wrote. Kid Rock reportedly said in a letter that he would “cherish his time with Jerry Lee on and off stage forever.”

He went on to say that in addition to being one of the godfathers and builders of rock and roll, Chuck Berry was arguably one of the greatest of all time. I assure you that your music will continue to exist, along with people around the world. Killer, may you finally rest in peace and keep rocking!kid rock

Meanwhile, Dennis Quaid, who played Lewis in the movie Great Balls of Fire! In 1989, he expressed his grief over the character’s loss.

Jerry Lee was a devout Christian and a well-known figure in American culture, often regarded as the greatest pianist in the history of the piano. Years later I’m still listening to songs like ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘Whole Lot of Shakin’. Jerry Lee, may the Lord bless you.

These are the Rolling Stones. Ronnie Wood commemorated Jerry Lee Lewis by posting two photos of the musician on Twitter, where he wrote, “RIPJLL the KILLER-What, a dude.”

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