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Criti Sanon made her film foray in hero pantiesa commercial blockbuster that introduced her to the world of cinema, but her prowess as an actor was still unexplored!

Eight years later, she now finds herself in a league of Bollywood’s top three female stars with a healthy mix of commercial hits and solid content. Kriti Sanon is being celebrated this year for her applause-worthy performance. Mimiis sweeping at awards ceremonies such as the IIFA and Filmfare Awards.

From an outsider in the industry, Kriti Sanon, a prominent figure in the film industry, embodies what it takes to be a self-made star. During her eight-year long career, the young star has broken into audiences’ hearts with films like; Valerie Ki Buffy, Luca Chuppi When Mimia performance for which she received rave reviews.

The star made an impact, even in an equally memorable small role, making her the superstar she is today!

With her confident, charming and approachable personality, Kriti Sanon is also a favorite in the world of brands, with a string of brand signs representing nearly 18 brands. The fact that Criti is the go-to choice for the brand is no surprise, as the actress has always had strong connections with young women across the country. Perfect for the brand you are considering.

This superstar has a one-of-a-kind line-up and is every actress’s dream. Playing various roles and working with the biggest filmmakers.Showing immense promise to continue her lucky streak, she has Bediyah, Shezada, Ganapas When Adiprush Some of the most anticipated movies of recent times. Anurag Kashyap’s film is also in the young superstar’s cards, and in an all-new avatar he’s Kriti.

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