From Metallica to Chili Peppers to Gen Z, Millennials turned to their parents’ music this year

It turns out that Gen Z and millennials think it’s cool not only to listen to their parents’ music, but also to master the guitar, piano, and other instruments.

Players aged 25-34 are leaning towards Generation X and Baby Boomer music, with songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s trending as top choices for 2022. Yushisianis a platform where fans can learn to play music with 20 million monthly users.

Yousician has released a review report for its first year, and the nostalgia is strong.

“We’ve found that actively playing music and learning to play an instrument resonates strongly with the digital native Gen Z, a generation that is passionate about music, fashion, and more in the 90s and early 00s. I am obsessed with everything and am incredibly in demand,” said Elena Zozulya, Yousician’s VP of Product Management.

“Among other supporting trends, we are seeing an increase in sales of cassette tapes and wired headphones. It shows that we are reviving the trend of

Zozulya says her interest in music in the last few decades has come from a variety of sources. “Netflix
and TikTok are influencing music trends today, playing a big role in the revival of 80s and 90s hits among Gen Z,” she notes.

Additionally, 37% of Yousician subscribers say another family member plays an instrument, and 20% opt for a family plan and use multiple devices to access the platform. “We can see that when a parent plays an instrument at home, it definitely affects her child’s interest in the hobby,” she says.

Pop culture also played an important role in music learning this year. Because television, tours and other moments have greatly influenced the selection of songs and artists on the platform. Among the standouts:

• later stranger things Season 4 finale featured a 1986 Metallica song Master of Puppetthe song soared to number one on the iTunes rock chart and number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. On Yousician, the song saw a 100% increase in plays and a 1,700% increase in requests in the platform’s GuitarTuna Play area.

• The Eagles will celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2022. On Yousician, he saw their song’s plays surge 300% in June as fans paid tribute to this iconic rock band.

• On February 3rd, Bob Marley’s 77th birthday, and to coincide with the broadcast of the Marley-focused show heritage Hulu documentary show, his song three little birdss saw a surge of 78%.

• Want to know the hits of the 2000s, as the Backstreet Boys are back on the world tour this year? I wanted to When Everyone 47% increase.

• Billie Eilish headlined the Coachella Music Festival with her breakout hit. Ocean EyesFollowing that performance in April, Yousician confirmed that interest in the song on the platform spiked by 16%.

Yousician also revealed the player’s selection of music by city.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, players most chose to learn another state’s national anthem. Sweet Home AlabamaAlternative rock hits like The White Stripes abound in Nashville’s country music capital. armed forces of seven nations Topped the list. The only band that seems to unify the country? The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the most studied artists in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and Seattle. .

https://www.forbes.com/sites/cathyolson/2022/12/01/from-metallica-to-chili-peppers-gen-z-millennials-leaned-into-their-parents-music-this-year/ From Metallica to Chili Peppers to Gen Z, Millennials turned to their parents’ music this year

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