Four episodes of ‘The Rings Of Power’ haven’t shaken viewers

Amazon has a long way to go with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. This is his billion-dollar series that is said to last five years. But while the show set Amazon’s original viewership record (which it almost had to do), it reached the halfway point of Season 1, so overall, audiences were driven by the series. It seems not.

We expected the various controversies the show generated would result in a barrage of negative reviews immediately after launch, but the weeks that followed didn’t bring any relief to Ring of Power.

By all available metrics, there’s nowhere fans have come together to give the show consistently high ratings, and the score hasn’t improved noticeably with more episodes unfolding. This is sometimes seen after the initial bombing/skepticism.

Here’s what happened after four weeks worth of episodes of Ring of Power.

No one likes to compare Rings of Power to HBO’s equally high-budget fantasy series, House of the Dragon, but it goes without saying that it endures similar initial races and gender-based casting controversies. Nonetheless, viewer scores are much higher. Low scores generally indicate that fans say the show deviates too much from Tolkien’s original world, or that the series is very well written, or that it’s long-paced and slowly built. The result is that it is not considered to be an arc.

It remains to be seen if there will ever be a moment when Rings of Power can kick into a different gear and change the skeptics. But for now, the show struggles to make the Game of Thrones-level impact Amazon wanted to see. that is I look forward to it every week, but I’m not sure that’s the majority opinion.

What’s clear is that Amazon is working on this for the long haul, hoping to see the ultimate vision for the series and prevent some kind of massive audience collapse. But perhaps they’ll absorb the feedback and make some changes to future seasons to attract viewers who seem to be rejecting the series at this point.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/09/20/four-episodes-in-the-rings-of-power-has-not-swayed-audiences/ Four episodes of ‘The Rings Of Power’ haven’t shaken viewers

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