Former TMZ staff says that Star praised Hitler, Podcast kills the interview

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A new claim on Kanye West’s anti -Jewish remarks has emerged in a recent statement about Jews from the rapper, and former TMZ staff visited West in 2018. He claimed that he sometimes loved Hitler and Nazi.

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When Kanye West infamously said in his TMZ office in 2018 that 400 years of slavery “sounds like a choice,” Van Lathan Jr. said on his podcast “Higher Learning” that West was Hitler. He argued that he loved the Nazis. But those remarks were edited.

Raysan, who had previously worked at TMZ, said that he was not surprised at the anti -Semitic post of West posted on Instagram and Twitter on the weekend.

Raysan said West, “I said something like” I like Hitler, I like the Nazis “. For some reason they withdrawn from the interview, that was not my decision.

Raysan stood up one of the producers of the TMZ office, confronted the waist as Raysan did, saying, “I’m a Jew, and it’s uncomfortable for me.” 。

Reisan also insisted TMZ video It was edited to show his conflict with West. Producers allegedly removed Lathan’s mention of people dying “due to Nazism and Hitler.”

West refers to Jews and the Holocaust in a chat with TMZ, equating the Holocaust-Jewish relationship with slavery and the relationship of black people, and linking “blacks and whites as one race” to “What is prison?” I claim to be “.

forbes We asked TMZ and West for comments.


Tuesday midnight, talk show shop It is said that the waist used it to “further repeat hate speech and very dangerous stereotypes”.

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West, who wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at last week’s Yeezy fashion show, said he was stoked when he posted a screenshot of a conversation with Sean “Diddy” Combs, who accused Combs of being controlled by Jews. Instagram account restricted. On Twitter, he said he was going to “death scam against Jews 3.” On Thursday he gave his interview with Tucker Carlson on his Fox News, and his Motherboard on Vice reported Tuesday that some claims by West have been redacted. Clips obtained by the site show West saying that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger worked with the KKK to “control the Jewish population,” and other anti-Semitic actions he did. I asked to cut the remarks before the broadcast.


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https://www.forbes.com/sites/marisadellatto/2022/10/12/kanyes-troubles-deepen-ex-tmz-staffer-says-star-praised-hitler-podcast-kills-interview/ Former TMZ staff says that Star praised Hitler, Podcast kills the interview

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