Forecast of weekend cash fees: can Uncharted and Dog make growth on President’s Day in the domestic market?

Photo: Sony / Columbia (“Uncharted”); MGM (“Dog”)

Cash fees on Presidential Day at the weekend go to much-needed profits after a difficult start to the year, in which only three films north of $ 10 million have debuted since the end of the holiday season.

Sony Unknown easily cope with this task, thanks to a combination of stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg on top of their own base of video game fans. Holland himself is of interest to a young audience as he is passionate about the phenomenal success Spider-Man: No way homewhich just surpassed Avatar as the third-highest-grossing film in North American history. The attraction of Holland should be especially strong for young movie buffs, while Wahlberg should be a strong side for adult men.

Unfortunately, critics regret the latest film adaptation of the Hollywood video game while the film is standing 39 percent of 75 accrued Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Even before their reaction began to spread on social media, tracking for Unknown stopped a few weeks ago. The marketing studio presented the film as the next big action movie that requires watching in cinemas, but social sentiments are divided.

After all, Unknown will need to win over a casual audience looking for a movie about popcorn over the holiday weekend. The latest forecasting models, as of Feb. 11 last year, have seen a moderate decline in high-end capacity from $ 40 million to $ 35 million over the three-day period. Previous sales in various domestic markets are respectable, but the momentum is not yet gaining momentum to withstand lower expectations. Shared business may be the key to growth potential, but time will tell.

The world of tracking, trailer views and social footprints is comparable to 2018 Tomb Raider reboot and Pacific Frontier: Uprisinglagging behind more encouraging trends Violence and the first two Kingsman films (2015 release also came out on Presidential Day weekend in 2015).

It should be noted to Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachuthe only other video game adaptation that ever opened north of $ 40 million in a single domestic frame was in 2001 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie. This week, Sony reports that the studio expects $ 27 million in three days and $ 30 million in four days. Our ranges and accurate forecasts are given below.

Counterprogramming audience action this weekend The dogled by Channing Tatum in a play that could be appealing to a rather diverse demographics. Family moviegoers and female audiences usually form the backbone of this film’s main audience, but both of these demographics remain the slowest to return over a long era of box office receipts.

However, The dog has a holiday framework in its favor that should see a number of parents as children turn out Monday from school. Recent relative success c Sing 2 and Encanto showed that the audience is slowly but surely returning, and the drought of new films for the family may create some delayed demand.

However, models are leaning towards conservatives The dog even with some benefits still under consideration. Reviews have not yet been published, and despite the healthy marketing footprint of the UAR distributor and overall positive social sentiment, concerns about the pandemic audience and the general oversaturation of “dog movies” in recent years suggest that the film will more concerning the legs. in the coming weeks.

The dog also conducted a preview on Valentine’s Day, but we have not received confirmation of how the studio will report these figures regarding weekend box office fees.

Finally, LD Entertainment will also release Damn it in a semi-wide issue this weekend with approximately 1,750 seats based on Showtimes Dashboard forecasts as of Wednesday. However, due to minimal marketing and limited benchmarks for the low-profile release, we don’t predict it will open among the top ten.

As the remnants go, many titles should benefit from long holiday weekends. After a regular Sunday Super Cup with a deficit that week by week, it will go down even further, although the loss of premium screens for Death on the Nile can have a noticeable effect on its own initial content.

Wide release forecast range

The dog
3-day opening range on weekends: $ 6-11 million
4-day opening range on weekends: $ 7.5-14 million

3-day opening range on weekends: $ 25-35 million
4-day opening range on weekends: $ 30-40 million

Weekend forecast and location calculation

Cash projects between Fr. Growth of 40 to 55 percent for the top ten films this weekend with $ 50.4 million over the weekend.

The film Distributor 3-day forecast for the weekend 4-day forecast for the weekend The projected domestic amount is until Sunday, February 20th The projected domestic amount is until Monday, February 21st Location calculation 3-day% change compared to last Wknd
Unknown Sony Pictures / Colombia $ 30,700,000 $ 35,400,000 $ 30,700,000 $ 35,400,000 ~ 4200 NEW
The dog Issued by United Artists $ 9,000,000 $ 11,500,000 $ 9,000,000 $ 11,500,000 ~ 3000 NEW
Death on the Nile Disney / Twentieth Century Studios $ 7,200,000 $ 8,400,000 $ 25,800,000 $ 27,000,000 ~ 3280 -44%
Spider-Man: No way home Sony Pictures / Columbia & Marvel Studios $ 6,300,000 $ 7,800,000 769 100,000 dollars $ 770,600,000 ~ 3000 -16%
A glass forever Paramount Pictures $ 5,400,000 $ 6,300,000 $ 46,700,000 $ 47,700,000 ~ 3200 -33%
Marry me Universal pictures $ 4,900,000 $ 5,700,000 $ 17,500,000 $ 18,300,000 ~ 3642 -38%
Sing 2 Universal pictures $ 2,900,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 147,400,000 $ 148,500,000 ~ 2600 -6%
Black light Briarcliff Entertainment $ 2,200,000 $ 2,600,000 $ 7,400,000 $ 7,800,000 2772 -37%
Scream (2022) Paramount Pictures $ 2,100,000 $ 2,500,000 $ 77,100,000 $ 77,500,000 ~ 2000 -29%
The moon Lionsgate $ 1,500,000 $ 1,700,000 $ 18,200,000 $ 18,400,000 ~ 2100 -49%

* All forecasts are subject to revision before the first confirmation of previews on Thursday or estimates on Friday from studios or official sources.

The counting of theaters is updated, confirmed by studios. The table above does not necessarily represent the top ten, as some studios do not complete the count of places on weekends and / or intend to report cash fees before publication.

Forecast of weekend cash fees: can Uncharted and Dog make growth on President’s Day in the domestic market?

Source link Forecast of weekend cash fees: can Uncharted and Dog make growth on President’s Day in the domestic market?

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