Forbes Reveals World’s Most Successful Influencers – How Many Black Content Creators Are in the Top 10?

Elsa Mazimbo

Creators of black content set digital trends, but their cultural contributions are rarely recognized. Fortunately, some of these barriers have been broken, and Forbes recognizes them.

In our latest roundup of the highest-paid influencers of 2021, released in August, we looked at how much money content creators made. Interestingly, while Black influencers made it onto the list, very few influencers made it to the top.

One exception is Khaby Lame, an Italian prodigy who earned the title of having the most TikTok followers in the world (146 million) without saying a word. Ridiculous Videos His humorous videos centered around him showing common-sense reactions to his trends have made him the platform’s most popular influencer and his eighth-highest paid content on Forbes’ list. I made it the creator of

According to the outlet, before he started making content full-time, Lame was an Italian factory worker at the start of the pandemic and was laid off. He made millions, signed a deal with cryptocurrency company Binance as a brand ambassador, and secured partnerships with football club PSG and fashion house Hugo Boss. Forbes estimates he made $10 million in revenue last year.

Another black influencer who made the list was no-nonsense creator Elsa Majimbo, who came in at number 49.The witty social media star, who wears shades and devours bags of chips, has leveraged her 2.5 million Instagram following to promote Maison Valentino, Bumble, and Beats By Dre.

At number 42 is charismatic content creator La’Ron Hines. A charismatic content creator who has built an empire, he asks interview questions to the adorable kids at the daycare where he works. After garnering millions of followers on social media, he stole to interview celebrities on his carpet, fashion his Nova, Capital his one, and McDonald’s for $1.5 million. reportedly earned

But while all this is great, they also earn far more when compared to the social media star’s non-black counterparts above.

Topping the Forbes content creators list is Jimmy Donaldson, who earned $54 million in 2021 alone.

you can find the full list here.

https://www.essence.com/news/money-career/forbes-content-creators-richest-bipoc/ Forbes Reveals World’s Most Successful Influencers – How Many Black Content Creators Are in the Top 10?

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