‘Fire Nation’ dramatizes the struggle of inmate firefighters to tackle a massive fire

Max Thieriot is in a hurry. He wants to finish his chicken coop.

Thierryot has been very busy lately, with the actor starring in two series. seal team When land of fire. When land of firehe created the series and also serves as an executive producer.

He says he doesn’t go near anything unless “I can give it 100 percent of what I have”. is not necesary to.

Thielliot, as he explains, credits relatives for teaching him to seize the moment. And I’m young and it’s time to work, and I’m kind of able to do it.

For example, at a press conference, he said:

Working behind the camera as an EP is, as he puts it, all new for Thieriot. [a TV show to anyone] Or even finished writing something before. I’m a bit of a hummingbird, starting something and then moving on to another idea. [With this]I found myself addicted to it.

He was so fascinated by land of fire, the story of a young prisoner who joins a fire program in search of reimbursement and a reduced sentence. He and other inmates work with elite firefighters to put out large fires throughout the area.

The series also stars Billy Burke, Diane Farr, Kevin Alejandro, Jordan Calloway, Jules Latimer, and Stephanie Arcilla.

Even when the idea was greenlit, Terriot says he wasn’t sure if the series would make it to the screen. I wrote this character with that in mind. [the very first meeting with executives and] They said, “You’re going to play the man, right? You have to play the man. You’re the man.”

It was at that moment, he says, that Thielliot decided to take on the lead role.

Growing up in a town of 1,000 people in Sonoma County, California, Thieriot says he didn’t realize “how interesting small-town life can be.”

After he left the area, he looked back and thought, in his words, [there’s] The coziness, the friendliness of everyone, how close this community is, and when times are tough, when we all need to come together, they really help. “

Thielliot talks about a particular fire he remembers and relates to fighting wildfires in the area. So it became more of an attempt to save his life. It wasn’t the building, it wasn’t the tree, it was the saving of life. And it was a devastating fire that reached before many people could leave. “

During that fire, he was texting with a friend who is a firefighter and asking what was going on. [of] What they saw in that moment and some of what they were going through. ”

Interestingly, Thieriot co-star Farr has played a firefighter twice before. she said: For my second job, no one thought I could be a firefighter, so I had to learn everything. I trained with her three women in her three states. It was super hard. “

She goes on to say: I couldn’t tell the difference between a building fire and an outdoor fire. I got the concept of firefighters running in buildings while others were fleeing. ”

Thieriot says he discovered a story about a firefighter that really inspired him. When he read it, it was kind of shocking because it just summed up who firefighters are. They face danger every day and save people’s lives, but [during their] Downtime, they do things like this. “

The “this” he talks about was when the woman’s mother was in a nursing home during Covid and nearly died. I decided to climb up to my mother’s window on the second floor. When asked what her woman was going to do, the firefighter said, “They drove her out there. [they used the truck to raise] I got her all the way up so she could sit there and see her mom’s face.

With this, Tieroth realized. “I think those are just small gestures that firefighters make.”

This is why Thieriot says he’s excited.

‘Fire Nation’ airs Friday at 9/8c on CBS and can be streamed on Paramount+

https://www.forbes.com/sites/anneeaston/2022/10/27/fire-country-dramatizes-the-struggles-of-inmate-firefighters-as-they-tackle-massive-blazes/ ‘Fire Nation’ dramatizes the struggle of inmate firefighters to tackle a massive fire

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