Fashion designer Yoon An responded to Kanye West’s accusations in an Instagram post

The rapper, 45, claimed A$AP Rocky slept with fashion designer Yoon Ang during one of his infamous Instagram tantrums. Still, Ambush’s creative director clarified the situation in a story this morning.

Attack after hiding. In other words, Rocky violated Yoon. So West continued with the now-deleted Instagram post on Thursday, eliciting a LOL response from Anne, 45. Erroneously, she allowed it like before hitting her own account.

Shaming a woman with false sex allegations and spreading the accusation in the name of God is the lowest of the lowest. I wrote

West and superstars like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Beyoncé have worn Ambush designs before. After posting this morning, we went wild again regarding Ann’s clothing line and his daughter Chicago’s birthday party.

As he wrote, there is new evidence. Despite popular belief, Rocky didn’t fk Yoon. However, Ambush is still a bad game. I had a linguistic relationship with Yun even before Tremendes was born. In general, don’t participate unless you intend to participate. You were too high when Chi was taken away on her birthday. And now you are paying the price.

The Yeezy designer claimed his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 41, initially refused to give him the address for his fourth birthday party in Chicago in January. . However, West showed up at the party, but only after he released a viral video claiming he blew up Kardashian and kidnapped her daughter.

“Family birthday parties are not kidnappings,” wrote one of our followers today. One day this poor child will read all these comments. Come down to Florida and start helping out. oh my god! There were no kidnappings and no one was involved.

https://celebrityinsider.org/yoon-ahn-a-fashion-designer-responded-to-kanye-wests-charges-on-her-instagram-post-534615/ Fashion designer Yoon An responded to Kanye West’s accusations in an Instagram post

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