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Being fashionable does not mean impractical. While many of our favorites accessories or clothing items may seem like an obstacle to our daily functioning, such as high heels or large jewelry, there are many ways in which your accessories can really perform a practical function.


If you need to wear glasses to see, they may seem a little restrictive to you, and sometimes you may find that they spoil your appearance. However, glasses are becoming more popular as a fashion accessory. You can get a wide selection of different frames and colors to match with all your different clothing combinations, and with the growth of online stores, you can get them cheaper than ever. If you don’t need prescription lenses, then it will be easy for you to purchase a regular frame, but why not make them functional? Why not buy yourself such glasses block the blue light? We all spend a lot more time looking at the screen than we like, and glasses that block out blue lights can help you avoid falling victim. computer vision syndrome and also help you get better sleep.


One of the many trends of the 90s that are returning is bandanas. A bandana is a large handkerchief made of multicolored fabric that comes in almost every color or pattern you can only dream of, which means you have a reason to buy a million different ones just in case! Bandanas can be used as a hat, neck scarf, hair tie, bikini / top, scarf or even replace a headband.

Scarves for hair

Another trend of the old school that has returned is buttons. Thick rubber bands are cute to use in hair or just on the wrist as accessories, but besides being cute, they are also very functional. Unlike other types of ties, hair bands are very good for your hair and help reduce brittleness or kinks.


Hats and hats can be seen everywhere in cold weather, but you’ll probably see hats even in summer! This is because hats are considered to be a fashionable hat choice to make your outfit more casual or just give it a little preference. You can also make a statement with your hat by typing it with a slogan or phrase or make it simple and restrained. A stylish hat not only looks good, but also warms the ears and head in the cold months.

Classic belt

For years, belts have come in a variety of shapes, and in the past we’ve preferred a pointless belt that tightens you up. However, thankfully, the classic belt that holds your pants is back in style, and now you can show off your funky or stylish belt that also supports your jeans. Like our other offerings, the belts come in a variety of designs to suit any style, from tight buckles to fanatical patterns.

Fashion and functional accessories – NoHo Arts District

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