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[NoHo Arts District, CA] – Noho Arts theater review “Farragut North” by Foursome Productions Written by Beau Willimon, Directed by Peter Allas, Produced by Michael Donavan and Peter Allas Theater 68 Arts Complex Until November 5th

Remember “House of Cards”? Before I knew who did what. A truly iconic piece of television, it’s such a shame it ended like that.But author Beau Willimon, a DC lobbyist/think tank, decided to take this epic play, named after the closest subway station to his area. Farragut North” also wrote. Think ‘Dante’ and ‘Gotham’ meet ‘Newsroom’.

This is a system shakedown, a dire report on the state of the election. In particular, the campaign struts through an ever-decreasing circle of bullshit until every candidate and her minions are one man or woman, which is usually always male and standing. Let’s face what remains…

If it’s really cynical, I guess you could say there’s art in it. But if anything, it’s deadly virus-like art. That’s why the protagonist of this diabolical tribe of demons must face a sticky fate. Does anyone love and admire this brilliantly written and brilliantly acted play? But “Farragut North” is trying to tell the truth, and this is politics. So our expectations for “nice” are pretty low. I think there are moments when you can catch a glimpse of humanity. But ambition and lust for power, and the overwhelming charm of being the smoothest person, trample it to dust.

Of course there are regrets, but only after a fall from grace. If this collection of souls can be called a human being, then I think that is human nature. But they are very funny, especially each other. It reminds me of shark sharks and hyena clans. But I think it’s an insult to animals.

Each bend in the plot is perfectly placed, with each slow betrayal, inevitable fall, and underappreciated move delightfully corroding every individual as they stray farther and farther from the light.

This is exactly why our political system needs a total overhaul. We are constantly lied and deceived and our collective destiny has already been sealed long ago. What a mess. It’s a shame. But it’s a sadly great play.

Each and every one of these great actors performs with total incandescence. Their characters are so beautifully crafted, inspiring, and so good. They range from brazen to nakedly ambitious, to refreshing and frankly central, to reptilian, to Icarus-like, to hated demons. This is definitely an actor’s play. And they all stand up perfectly to the occasion.

I love political drama. While you might think it’s all played out at that particular point by now, I can assure you that’s not the case.

“Farragut North” is a bold, brilliant political drama populated by ridiculously frightening characters whose journey continues long after the play ends. they are very well written.

It’s a wonderful ride that’s surprisingly real, even in times when you don’t say anything. Many times there were literal gasps from the audience! I absolutely loved it!!!

“Farragut North” will only air for two more weeks.


of “Farragut NorthThe cast includes Chris Wong, Jack Esforms, Camryn Mann, Amy Motta, KJ Powell, David Reyes, and Michael Rubenstone.


Written by Beau Willimon, directed by Peter Allas, produced by Michael Donovan and Peter Allas, presented by Foursome Productions.


Until Saturday, November 5

8 p.m. Thursday
8 p.m. Friday
3 p.m. Saturday
8 p.m. Saturday


Theater 68 Art Complex

5112 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 90601



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