Farra Abraham goes into rehab: see you in a month, losers!

Back in January, Farra Abraham attacked the guard while she played at a Los Angeles nightclub.

She was immediately pressed to the floor and held there until the police arrived, while the mother of one child was handcuffed and taken to prison.

Fortunately, a video of this incident exists for our entertainment.

Most of the celebrities in Mrs. Abraham’s place would probably just pick up, apologize and go to rehab to be cured of their apparent alcohol problem.

But not Farah.

She is well rehabilitated, but not because she wants to make sure she is never hit or attacked again by a stranger.

No, for the next four weeks Farah will be recovering from the injury she received when she was pinned to the floor and arrested.

“#Trauma Therapy Center 28 days here, I’ll let you know if it works! With healing, ”Farra signed a recent video on Instagram.

“Our treatment is a real way to show our wealth and our success,” she told fans in the clip.

“So I found time for my healing. I ignored people for more than 11 months after committing sexual assault, and after my whole body broke, my whole brain broke. ”

Well, showing the world your “wealth and success” isn’t really a good reason to visit a rehab center, but at least Farra encourages people to take their mental health seriously.

We think.

As in many other Farry videos, it’s not entirely clear what she’s trying to say here.

Anyway, some commentators think it was Farry’s way of backing up her argument when she eventually sued the club and the security guard who forced her arrest.

Either way, there’s no real risk on Farry’s part.

It seems that the medical institution is offering her a free stay if she shouts them on social media, so she should just show up and talk about herself for a month.

She also looked for an excuse for it escape from Sofia for a while.

Look, we don’t usually scoff at someone’s reasons for going into rehab, and we sincerely hope Fara gets the help she seeks.

But everything Farra does seems so miscalculated, and her decision to seek treatment is no exception.

Abraham launched an unprovoked attack on someone else, and now she claims she was injured because she failed.

This is the kind of narcissistic thinking we expect from Fara, and so it’s hard to take everything she says or does seriously.

But who knows?

Perhaps the staff of this institution will force Farra to confront her only real enemy – herself – and for the first time since she became famous as a teenager, she will be forced to answer some difficult questions.

Of course, if something like this happens, she will probably just get up and leave.

Maybe we should stop expecting so much from this experience and just be thankful that Farra will leave our lives for a month!

Farra Abraham goes into rehab: see you in a month, losers!

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