Famous allies of Rock the Cradle with the new South African film studio

Well-known Entertainment partnersproduction company for South African adaptation from the Colombian telenovela that inspired “Ugly Betty” plans to open a Hollywood-style film studio near Johannesburg that will increase power in one of the hottest filming locations in the world.

Cradle Film Studios will be built across the street from the Cradle of Humankind, an extensive archeological site where traces of some of the earliest people have been discovered.

The complex, which includes state-of-the-art studios and backgammon, a data center, an innovation center and housing development, will be located 30 miles from Johannesburg and just 10 minutes from the international airport. It will also include a theme park that draws inspiration from world-renowned fossils.

Speakers of the project say that the studios will help position the commercial capital of South Africa and the surrounding province of Gauteng as a world-class place for both local filmmakers and foreign producers.

“We are delighted with Cradle Film Studios, which will establish a symbiotic relationship with both the service and the production part of our business,” said Chepis Chicopa Phiri, CEO of Known Associates Entertainment, which last year served as Universal’s Idris Elba. The Beast. ”And currently serves the TriStar Pictures film“ The Woman King ”starring Viola Davis and Tuso Mbedo.

“It will bring in foreign direct investment and create jobs, especially for young people, and so the potential to significantly increase these key economic factors is truly exciting.”

With the support of a consortium of investors, Known Associates expects to exit the studio in mid-2023.

“The Cradle Film Studios project is the culmination of all our film and television campaigns spanning more than 30 years,” said project leader Joel Fear. “This is our hereditary project, and its implementation will bring together all our film and TV projects. It will be stunning to happen in Gauteng in the cradle of humanity, where it all began. We can’t wait to break through. “

Co-founded by Tshepiso Chikapa Phiri and Dan Jawitz, Known Associates Entertainment is a boutique manufacturing company from Johannesburg that is responsible for “uBettina Wethu” (pictured), a South African remake of “Betty La Fea,” a Colombian telenovela that inspires. TV series “Ugly Betty”. The company is currently preparing for its second season in co-production with South African SABC publisher and VIU streaming platform.

Feature films on the list of famous partners include “Wild Wind”, a thriller in the style of the Cohen brothers, which takes place in a small town in the Eastern Cape, novice director Fabian Medea, co-produced with Netflix; and “Umbrella People,” a comedy about robbery set in the historic Bo Caop section in Cape Town, by veteran director Helmer John Barker (“Wonder Boy for President,” “Bunny Chow”), co-produced with eTV.

Also in development is “Ambre”, an Afro-futuristic drama series together with the public television company Ivory Coast RTI; and “Victoria Island,” an eight-part drama series set in Beverly Hills, Lagos, written by New York Times bestselling author Taye Selassie.

Famous allies of Rock the Cradle with the new South African film studio

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