Family pot strike?Elizabeth and Andrei seem ready for 90 Day Fiancé spinoff

Season 7 is not the first 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? viewers were captivated potast family.

Libby’s siblings and parents, and the drama they bring, are staples of the couple’s story.

However, something is clearly different this season. The family is the same, but how the show wants us to see them is different.

For a long time, fans wondered if Elizabeth and Andrei would receive their own spinoff. Potstost family on the horizon?

For years, Andrei Castravet has had conflicts with relatives of Elizabeth Potterst.

Her sisters Becky and Jen had concerns about him and his intentions. Honestly, they still do.

And for a long time, Libby’s father Chuck asked Andrei to work for him, but Andrei couldn’t take pride.

Chuck and Andrey are great. This caused an even more bitter confrontation with Elizabeth’s brothers.

Recently, the biggest feud was between Charlie and Andrei.

After Libby’s brother attacked her husband during a family barbecue, he made himself a strange man.

Andrei’s father and sisters set boundaries. He needed help with his drinking and behavior.

Until then, I decided not to spend any more time with him. They hoped this would encourage him to make good choices.

However Libby’s homophobic mother Pamela I didn’t make that choice. She enabled Charlie and pressured his sisters to do the same.

We haven’t seen much of Chuck this season yet, but fans are hopeful that this will change.

Clearly, this is all fascinating — whether the parties involved love it or hate it, the drama is far more interesting than Libby singing nursery rhymes or anything like that.

But what makes many fans increasingly convinced that the franchise is about to debut an All-Potst spinoff?

First of all, Elizabeth and Andrei are getting weirdly good editing this season.

In the previous season’s promo, it appeared that Andrei punched Libby (in reality, he tried to grab her phone, which is unacceptable, but less violent).

Even when the editors didn’t cross that line, people saw Andrei as someone who brimmed with toxic masculinity and often created unnecessary conflict. Only, Andrei seemed “reasonable.”

This season, they look like a normal couple in many ways.

There are many cute moments with Ellie. Cool, polite and of course a fan favorite, Andrei’s dad comes to visit.

The show also continued as Elizabeth explored the idea of ​​a singing career.

90 day fiancee There are no writers or screenplays, but producers and editors can control the lens through which the cast is viewed.

Those who are struggling may cry in front of the camera several times. A partial edit can make it look like the person is crying almost every episode. Or drinking too much.

Andrei and Libby appear to be two people who set boundaries with their family and focus on their lives and their daughter.Even if that were true, the editor Selection To show this side of them.

We also learn that Elizabeth’s siblings have their own stories to an extent.

For now, Becky and Jen’s roles are mostly concerned with Libby, but we’re getting a little glimpse into other parts of their lives.

As for Charlie, well, the show did an entire segment about him filming his wife’s legs.

much of this reminds us family chantel.

Parents and their drama, siblings and their lives.

For that matter, Pothust even had a few physical altercations, though it fell short of the Pedro vs. Everett brawl.

Jenn Potthast Cakes Andrei Castravet
90 Day Fiancé: Season 6 star Jen throws a plate of cake at her brother-in-law, Andrei Kastravet.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Libby is currently pregnant, and a second pregnancy could certainly be a compelling storyline.

TLC and Sharp Entertainment have yet to confirm such a spinoff, but with so much going on, it’s not hard to imagine.

We have to agree that this is one compelling dramatic family. We don’t need Pamela for a spinoff, but the rest could be interesting.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/10/the-family-potthast-elizabeth-and-andrei-seem-poised-for-a-90-day-fiance-spinoff/ Family pot strike?Elizabeth and Andrei seem ready for 90 Day Fiancé spinoff

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